Here a potty, there a potty, everywhere a potty, potty

When we got to the restaurant last night, Jenny informed me she was wet. She’s been really good about using the potty at home, and even managed to go at my friend’s house when the friend watched her for three hours so I could take Fritz to the doctor. Luckily, I had put her in rubber pants and had a spare set in the car.

I told her, “Jenny, if you have to go potty, tell me. I will take you to the potty, even in the restaurant.”

She responded in the most incredulous tone, “They have potty’s here?”

I already know what’s up next: the Grand Potty Tour, whereby newly trained toddler must confirm in every public place exactly where the potty is and if it works just like the one at home.

8 thoughts on “Here a potty, there a potty, everywhere a potty, potty

  1. When we were stationed in California my daughter was a nearly potty-trained 2-year-old. We were in a restaurant and she asked to go to the “circle room”. I wasn’t sure what she meant. She clarified it with I need to go potty. When we got to the restroom doors I realized that all the women’s restrooms have the symbol in a circle. The men’s restrooms have the symbol in a triangle. (I think this may just be a California thing) In any case, I don’t think the shape cue would have registered with me if my daughter hadn’t pointed it out.

  2. Oh yes, the Grand Potty Tour. Such fun you have ahead of you! It took me by surprise the first time around. Then I learned, as you have, to keep a sense of humor about it (or I would Lose My Mind!)

  3. “Circle room” – that’s great! Kids are remarkably observant.Barb, I’ve been desperately seeking my mind for years now…seen it?

  4. Of course! We learned all about this on our recent trip to Amarillo. Like the boy who cried wolf, Caitlyn would shout at every new town we came to “I need to go potty!” Half the time she wouldn’t even go, but we didn’t want to NOT take her in case she really had to! Good times, those potty training days!

  5. we are going through the same — the one at the grocery store the other day was the first. she had a week of diapers only at night (!!!!) but today and yesterday she’s had accidents. i’m trying to transition to not having the training potty out all the time and out of sight, out of mind…

  6. Heather,I’d leave the potty out all the time until she regularly goes on the big toilet. Jenny already made that transition, so I’m happy with that. We <>almost<> made it a full 2 days with zero accidents (except at night)! Most of the time she’s very good. And thankfully, all her accidents have been urine only. We’ve even gone on short excursions (like the very close to home grocery store) with no training pants.What kills me is that by the time I’m truly done with her, it’ll be time to start on Pete…at least it’ll seem that way. UGH!

  7. Oh Michelle, this is priceless! And it’s also good warning for me as I keep my nose to the Potty-Training Grindstone. 🙂

  8. Ours, too, have to christen every. single. toilet. when we go out. It can be a drag, but I figure that if I put on my figurative party hat when they ask, they’ll ALWAYS think that peeing in other peoples’ toilets is cool. 😉 The way I figure, it’s WAY cooler than peeing on other people’s floors– or in our van.Happy pottying!

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