Low-key birthday

Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday. Unfortunately for him, I am not at all on the ball, and I have nothing special planned for him. Of course, if I did, I could not post it here because he has figured out how to access my blog while at work and now reads it (if he has the chance).

Happy birthday, honey.

I guess we’re switching roles this year. He did a great job orchestrating a fantastic birthday for me this past April. In return, I’ve ordered some things for him, but I waited until, oh, yesterday, thereby guaranteeing their late arrival. I do have one small thing for him, but I don’t even have a card.

We were given four free tickets to the Washington Nationals game tonight. Bill plans to take the older three kids. This requires me to drive the kids into Arlington at least, because there is no way Bill can make it home and back into DC by game time. Fritz had an afternoon appointment at Walter Reed, and I thought we could go out to dinner after that and before the game. But the surgeon’s office just called and rescheduled the appointment for next Tuesday at 9 AM (not only will THAT be a fun rush-hour commute, but I guess I’ll start school on WEDNESDAY instead). So, we’ll just meet Bill at a restaurant in Arlington and see if the game gets rained out.

Not even a special home cooked meal for my honey. I’m slippin’.

But I was flipping through The Fanny Farmer Baking Book looking for a special dessert to make, and I noticed a meringue pie crust. I couldn’t find any subsequent recipes that actually used this crust, and I’m really disappointed, because it sounds yummy. Anybody ever heard of or used this kind of pie crust? I’ll find an excuse to bake if the recipe is a good one.

Well, off to shop for groceries. Special dessert must be kept a secret for now. But I’m salivating already.

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