Bye bye baby

Pete is now officially a “big baby”. He’s not a toddler, but he’s not a tiny baby either. He’s been able to sit up and crawl for quite some time now, but that didn’t quite put him in the “big baby” category. Even his ability to cruise around didn’t quite promote him. No, for me, there are two things that really propel a kid from “little baby” to “big” babydom:

he can wave, and he can do high-fives.

For some reason, this social interaction more than the physical prowess associated with crawling or walking is a much bigger indicator of how he is growing and developing. And these things, his adorable wave or his little hand slaps each accompanied by the most joyous smile, are so inexpressibly sweet. So cute. So precious.

And oh so sad. Bittersweet.

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