Older brothers are good for some things

Last night at dinner, Fritz was talking, but I wasn’t listening. There was the usual chaos and confusion at the dinner table and all I manged to hear was “fence”.

I begged his pardon and asked him to repeat what he just said. A little voice in my head suggested I should pay attention.

But again, the baby or the toddler demanded assistance and the only additional word I managed to hear was “climb.”

That little voice got a little louder, and I had Fritz repeat his story one more time.

Fritz: When I climbed the fence…

Me: What fence?

Fritz: The new fence.

Me: What new fence? The one at the playground {the one designed to keep toddlers in, but the one that Jenny climbed our first time there} or the one in our new yard?

Fritz: The one here!

Me: Don’t climb the fence.

Fritz: Why not?

Me: It’s not meant to be climbed. It’s to keep you IN the yard.

Fritz: Why?

Me: So I know where you are! And another thing, I don’t want you showing anybody else how to climb the fence. They might get hurt.

Fritz: Oh, Billy and Katie can’t climb the fence…

Me: That’s good, but don’t show them how…

Fritz: …but they could when I lifted them.


2 thoughts on “Older brothers are good for some things

  1. My brothers were only about two and three years old when the older one climbed onto the couch, unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door for the younger one to bolt into freedom. My mom didn’t know he was gone until she went to close the door and a lady a block over waved her down and asked if she was looking for a little blonde-headed boy. She did find him at the ball park two blocks down. Thankfully, he was unharmed.Good luck!

  2. Last fall, Katie decided to follow my husband out for a run. I had two sleeping babies and thought that she and Billy were playing at the playground. A half hour later, a neighbor (one I didn’t know) came to my door with her and told me that she found her along the main road leading to our neighborhood! I felt awful – I had NO idea where she was.But I’m not the only one: Bill helped a woman this past Sunday who was pushing a double stroller and her older child on a bike with training wheels got far enough ahead of her that she didn’t know which way he had gone. The boy went home! The neighborhoods are fairly safe; the big concern isn’t “stranger danger,” it’s a child getting lost in the woods or falling into the river or getting hit by a car. Why moms and dads have gray hair.

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