What they don’t know won’t hurt them…

A few weeks ago my kids were eating green beans and rice for dinner, as usual, because the rest of the meal was yucky (according to them). Fritz said that when he was grown up, he would take his kids to Wendy’s for chicken nuggets…but guesses that perhaps he’d eat stuff like what his Dad and I eat.

That was shockingly astute for a 7 year old, I thought. I’m sure when I was 7, I thought I’d eat all sorts of forbidden treats all the time when I was grown up.

Like Twinkies…

My mom rarely bought Twinkies. She bought them so rarely, in fact, that I can’t recall her EVER buying them; I’m only saying “rarely” to cover the once or twice that she MIGHT have bought them. I never had a Twinkie in my lunch bag. I do remember being constantly disappointed that I didn’t have a Twinkie in my lunch box. But Mom didn’t buy them. And I’m sure that I thought when I was grown up I would buy them all the time. Eat them for breakfast. Give them to my kids.

Well, I’m all grown up, and I rarely buy Twinkies. I buy them so rarely, in fact, that I can’t recall EVER buying them, except for yesterday. Yesterday, I decided that my kids needed a special treat for after dinner. Everybody is feeling the stress related to the move, even the kids. Bill and I are grumpy and impatient. The kids are bouncing off the wall and arguing a lot. Twinkies would solve everything and make us all feel better, I was sure of it.

Bill’s mom never bought Twinkies either. So, when we found ourselves alone after dinner with the new box, Bill suggested that we eat one now when the kids wouldn’t see so that we could have another one with them and they wouldn’t know that we had 2 and they only had one.

I like the way this man thinks.

So we had a Twinkie each. And then we gave them to the kids, but we didn’t actually have another one then. Later, the kids went to bed and we looked at the box. The box had had 10. We each had one (except for Pete), so there were 4 left. That meant one more for each kid…or that meant 2 more for mom and dad.

Can you guess who had those Twinkies?

3 thoughts on “What they don’t know won’t hurt them…

  1. Sounds like me and the Easter candy!

  2. Eeeeheeeheeeheee! I would wait until the hubs went to bed and eat all four then blame it on the kids if he asked later! I am the oldest in my family and I am best friends with my 2 years younger sis. We were the oldest of six and had no money so we WANTED a lot. With us it was whipped cream…we DREAMED of the day when we would have our own money and go to the store and buy our very own tub of cool-whip and eat it all in one sitting and not share ANY (we had three younger bros and one more sis and we would only get one, little, puny dab of cool-whip on our jello…if we ever got any desert at ALL) with anyone else and we would buy it all the time and have it for every meal. We never did do this, of course, but I buy the aerosol kind once in a while and squirt it into the kid’s mouths until it comes spilling out the sides and they laugh like crazy. I do it a bunch of times until it’s gone. We don’t have a lot of money for extras and even if we did, I would probably still not go crazy with the material stuff but this is a simple pleasure that I hope they will remember.

  3. Amy, I consider eating all the Easter candy a sacrifice that I accepted in order to ensure a healthier diet for my family….Laura, my husband’s favorite scene from <>The Goonies<> is when the kid says, “I’m so depressed” and fills his mouth with whipped topping! Once when we were having cupcakes for dessert (I must have made a batch for some party, since I don’t usually have cupcakes for dessert at my house), the kids licked off the icing, left the cake alone and asked for another. I opened the fridge, pulled out the leftover icing and handed everybody a spoonful. My husband, in complete shock, announced, “Kids, you have the <>BEST<> mom ever.” No, our moms wouldn’t have done that.

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