move update

Well, I got the keys to the new house today.

Move date is supposed to be this coming Thursday.

Supposedly, we will be able to make an appointment on Monday to have our cable/internet/phone installed. This is crucial to our accepting the move date next week.

All in all, the house is nice. I think the master bedroom is too small and I’m not sure that our stuff will fit in there, just because of the placement of windows and doors. All we really have is a queen bed and a dresser. That’s not exactly an unreasonable amount of furniture?!? It’s ok if my rocking chair has to go downstairs…but I would like it if my cedar chest could fit in there.

I think the kids’ rooms are small too, but we’ll manage. Again, door and window placement doesn’t give much blank wall to fit things like dressers. I’m just not sure that builders/architects actually live in these houses.

But, the kitchen is fabulous – plenty of room, plenty of storage. Nice big fridge. The eating area has a big window with a seat long enough for four little bottoms. It’ll be nice to not have to eat lunch in between the school work spread all over the dining room table.

So, this weekend: moving the kitchen stuff and the toys and any other items that we don’t want the movers to touch.

2 thoughts on “move update

  1. I just said prayers for a low-stress transition for your family….God bless! đŸ™‚

  2. Thanks, we need all the prayers we can get!

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