Confirmation Weekend

We enjoyed having family in town this weekend for Billy’s and Katie’s confirmation (there was a BOGO special at church).


I’m just kidding about the BOGO.

Katie did the second reading.  She had practiced it so often that she had it nearly memorized.  Between that and the nervousness of standing in front of 500 or so people meant that she raced through the reading.  Or maybe she just wanted to get on with the sacrament.


Billy’s time with the bishop was twice as long as everyone else’s.  I leaned over and told my husband that this did not surprise me at all.  Billy’s confirmation saint was a Robert (Bellarmine), and the bishop’s name is also Robert.  Billy went through about 5 saints before finalizing his decision.  I told him he could have many many friends in heaven, but he had to pick just one for confirmation.


The bishop had suggested that we just photoshop his photo into our own instead of waiting for him (there were 90+ confirmandi, I think).  Had we been toward the back of the group, we just might have.  But we were in the first few rows and didn’t have to wait long at all.




I could never get everybody to look at the same camera.

Billy with his Godfather (Uncle Tom) and confirmation sponsor (my Uncle Steve).  My SIL, Margaret, who is Billy’s Godmother, did not get there until later that night.  My in-laws and BIL flew from the snowy Northeast with no trouble.  My SIL’s flight from California via Phoenix was canceled.  Go figure.


Katie with her Godparents, Uncle Glenn and Nana.  Katie’s sponsor was celebrating her own daughter’s confirmation.


As an afterthought, we got a shot with the parents.


As soon as the group came home, Peter threw off his church clothes.  Then we decided to do pictures, so Bill made him get dressed again.  Then we took no family pictures (immediate family), so he really hadn’t needed to do that.  I took a few pictures just to justify his efforts.



Bill took this picture of Mary because she looks like a hockey player.


It was a lovely weekend.  Missed a few of my siblings, but such is life when we are all so far away.

One thought on “Confirmation Weekend

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous, so sunny and warm looking (still snow on the ground here in the midwest). I love Katie’s dress and those shoes! Congrats on your double confirmations, I’m a convert and I missed being able to speak to my bishop for my confirmation because I was in the hospital giving birth to my 5th on that weekend.

    Yes, I typically take lots of pictures and then realize that I have very few of myself in the shots, so the ones I’m in are usually the “afterthought” ones!

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