George at 18 months

We have extended family coming to visit in a few weeks so I thought I’d post a few pictures of the “baby.”  He’s not so much a baby any more.  Oh, they grow so fast.

Here is George in January of 2013.



And now…




With the big brothers….



He loves to watch shows on the Kindle.  He’ll make a hand gesture for “Signing Time” while I’m skimming FB or playing Candy Crush.  I have a hard time saying no to “educational” programming just so I can read a few more puns or like a few more memes.  The thing is, though, that he knows how to change the shows once he’s in Netflix.  So, while he starts with Signing Time or Daniel Lion or Curious George…he really wants to watch Dr. Who.



Netflix always plays the next episode, so George walked into a room the other day watching a Dr. Who the big kids hadn’t seen yet.  They all started screaming “turn it off! turn it off!”  They tried to convince him to watch something else, but he was persistent.  Finally, they managed to get it on an older episode, and everybody was happy.

He likes to jump on the bed, and is adept and getting down.


He likes to pretend to be a dog.  He likes to roll around with the dog.  He likes to feed the dog.

The dog does not like him to pretend to be a dog.  We all say, “Good dog!” and pat his head, and she gets a little upset that we use those special words and gestures with him.  The dog does not like him to roll around with her, especially not when he climbs in her crate, especially not when she’s in the crate.  Sometimes the lock on the crate gets used just to keep him out.

The dog does like him to feed her.  Then they are the best of pals.


George likes to play the piano.


George loves to wear other people’s shoes, especially daddy’s boots.


George is very adept at maneuvering the kitchen step stool around, and a favorite pastime is opening the drawers and scattering the contents all over the counter top.  Such neat things to be found in the drawers.  I especially love it when he finds the steak knives.


George does not have an extensive spoken English vocabulary, but like most boys, his capacity to make noises, especially of motor vehicles, knows no bounds.  He loves things with wheels.


Right now, I am working on a dress for Katie for confirmation (why we have family coming into town).  My sewing machine has been out quite a bit, which means my rolling suitcase that holds my sewing machine has been empty.  At least it’s been empty of the sewing machine.  It is George’s favorite hiding place.


And that’s George at 18 months.  Words can not convey how much joy this child brings us all. 

6 thoughts on “George at 18 months

  1. Wow! I cannot believe how big he has gotten! Wasn’t it just a few months ago that he was born?!

    Is the quilt on the bed one that you made?

    • Time sure does fly!

      I did not make that quilt…I got it on closeout from Pottery Barn about 10 years ago. It is falling apart, hastened by the abuse my children have thrown at it. I have plans to make a summer-weight quilt this summer to replace it, but then I want to take it apart and reuse the good fabric. I love the colors.

      I am most embarrassed at how poorly-made my bed is in those pictures. yes, kids were jumping, but, STILL…

  2. He is adorable! That picture of him in your husband’s boots is just too cute. You should frame that for a Father’s Day present.

  3. So, so cute!! Love the pictures of him with the big brothers – clearly, they are all related!!

  4. Love this portrait of George. He is adorable. Brings back memories of when my children were small.

  5. I enjoyed seeing this post not only because he is so cute, but because I see that this is what 18 month old boys do. Peter loves walking around in everyone’s shoes and he knows how to navigate my ipod too well!

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