King George

Did you see this video with the twin newborns having a bath?  A sweet picture of sibling perfection as they remain lovingly intertwined as they must have been in the womb.

George and I watched the video together on the kindle as he sat on my lap.  Then Mary came over and climbed up to see as well.  This made George screech and push her off.  She persisted, so he switched to using his feet to keep her from watching the video.  I kept pointing to the peaceful example on the screen of how to treat one’s sibling, but he was having none of it.


This second year of his is not the “terrible two’s” as it has been labeled.  No.  It is the “tyrannical two’s”.  As long as the tyrant is given his every desire, he is quite pleasant.


The trick is making him want what you want him to do.  The big kids haven’t quite figured this out yet, so they walk around saying no no no no no.

“No, George, you can’t play with that.”

“No, George, that’s my school work.”

“No, George, those are my legos.”

“No, George, that’s dangerous.”

“No, George, get off the table!”

“No, George! GEORGE! GEOOORGE!!! NOOOO!!!!”

Seriously, right now, I am listening to a big kid say “Somebody get this baby! Help me!”

No, I’m not going.

Because right now another big kid has stepped in and is suggesting, deviously, to the baby that he might want to find mommy.

And here he is.


3 thoughts on “King George

  1. Bwahahahaha! Is he number 7? Our number seven is a horrible tyrant!

  2. I think it must be a “baby” thing. My youngest was that way also, mostly because his big siblings let him get away with it for far too long. Until it wasn’t cute anymore.

  3. I have repeatedly warned the kids that what they think is cute now, won’t be so cute in a year or two.

    But beyond being the 7th kid, I think the age gap wherein I have teens and tweens…and no preschoolers or others toddlers…makes them all (and me, too) more entranced by his antics. And then from his perspective, he has EIGHT people doting on him, and no slightly older sibling beating him up…why shouldn’t he think that he is the center of the universe? How many of us are born with all these people at your beck and call?

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