My good friend Andrea Terry’s son, Michael, was recently diagnosed with cancer.  He has spent the last month doing chemo and has subsequently lost all his hair.  My men decided to cut their hair in a mutual fraternity of baldness.  We could only convince Peter to do 1/4″.  Billy and Fritz did 1/8″ and Bill did 0″, but it did leave a stubble.  Here are the before and after pics.


Please pray for our friend, Michael Winston Terry.

No, we didn’t cut Georgie’s little head.


4 thoughts on “Solidarity

  1. What a great thing for them to do.

  2. Way to go, guys! Praying along with you.

  3. Very kind. May Michael be healed.

  4. Great idea for your guys! I’m sure they lifted their friend’s spirits. He is in my prayers. (Georgie is a cutie!!)

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