Birthday Vigil

 Today was Fritz’s birthday (observed).  Tomorrow, his actual birthday, he will be attending his ordeal for the Order of the Arrow, so we decided to have his party tonight.  His requested birthday dinner was Italian subs and Cape Cod potato chips.

And he requested that we watch the movie Brave

Not because he really wanted to see it, but because he wants to see the next movie in the queue: The Hobbit.

For dessert, he selected a raspberry chocolate cake.

He found out there was sour cream in it, and I had to convince him that all it did was make the cake moist. Oh, my, the cake was delicious.  Doesn’t it look great?  I was showing Katie how this one lens I have blurs everything except the one thing you want in focus.  In the picture above, all those loose papers on our school shelves don’t look quite so messy.  Here below, the cake looks downright decadent.

Fritz is showing me where to cut his piece:

George helped keep vigil on the baking process.

My girls did most of the work.  I did the frosting, which was a ganache, so all I really did was pour it over the top and smooth it out.

Happy birthday to my 15 year old!

9 thoughts on “Birthday Vigil

  1. Happy Birthday (eve) to your young man! I love ganache frosting. It's so easy but sooooo decadent!

  2. Wow. 15?? Learner's permit coming up? That cake looked awesome!

  3. yes, 15, can't wait to learn to drive. Tampa is a lot like Atlanta as far as traffic goes. not the kindest place to learn how to drive.

  4. Happy Birthday to your 15 yr old. They sure grow up so fast!

    Love the raspberries on the cake.

  5. Happy Birthday Fritz! He can practice driving to our place!

  6. Didn't realize how my name would appear.

  7. I was wondering who you were…you left off your lassie. You have no idea how disappointed he is that he is camping and we are going to your house.

  8. Wow!! So nice. He's so cute and radiant!! Don't they grow (too?) fast! (the boy grows almost as fast as his hair. :). I adored those pictures in one of your previous posts where the children are playing in a park or a zoo, with his super short high and tight cut, which is what I like most for a man or a boy. My husband knows I like it like that and I never have to insist (he appreciates the reward), but it's always trouble to make sure that my sons have a haircut in time and make sure that it's done short enough. My oldest is getting 17 and always trying to argue but as long as it's mum paying the bills it will be my rules of the house. Greets, Viki.

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