More from Mary

This girl cracks me up.

She was tattling on a sibling, which I don’t encourage.  It does, though, often provide useful information. 

One of my children has been in a mood this week, and this mood has not been a good mood.  Everybody has been most displeased with this child’s behavior, attitude, and ability to keep one’s hands to oneself (or lack thereof).  This is a child of extremes, because when this child is not exploring new ways to offend others, this child is the most generous and considerate of all my children.  This child receives frequent reminders to listen to the “white guy” on the shoulder, not the “red guy with horns.”

So, new bad behavior, because if there are rules, one must break them at some point: Mary tells me that this sibling had been saying “Mary’s son’s name – and s/he wasn’t praying!”  I asked the accused to confirm or deny the charges, and the look of guilt was all I needed in reply.

At dinner, I told Bill about what Mary had said.  I especially liked the phrase “Mary’s son’s name,” but I’m really pleased that she is obviously getting catechized by osmosis.  Gotta love homeschooling.

Bill delivered a stern look to the guilty party, who did not appear to be sorry for anything other than getting caught.  This child is too much like the worst of me.  (sigh)

“I’m just amazed that the 5 year old is aware that this was wrong,” I told Bill.

Mary piped up: “That’s because the 5 year old is AMESOME!”

And there you go.

3 thoughts on “More from Mary

  1. I just snorted some water out my nose…..! SHe's hilarious!

  2. So glad I wasn't drinking coffee just then! What a hoot!

  3. Bwhahahahahaha, she is indeed!

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