2 thoughts on “Sand Gnat

  1. Ok…I am still trying to figure out what “sand gnat” means here.

  2. Sorry, Barb, I forgot that sand gnats were a pretty local thing. The local minor league baseball team has them as their mascot.

    These are the local no-see-ums, which when they warned me about, I thought, “How bad can little gnats be? Annoying, yes, but that's it.” Oh, no. These things follow you, swarm about your face and arms, and then they BITE. The bite is much like a mosquito bite – swollen, red, and itchy for a week. Unlike mosquitoes, most bug sprays do NOT repel them, and they are small enough to fit through a screen in a window or a porch. In other words, they are an unstoppable, although minor, pestilence.

    In the pro-life movement (and against the Democratic machine), I think that's a good thing. I have no confidence that Romney's stance on abortion (or anything else) is anything more than a gauge of how the winds doth blow. I would vote for a vehement pro-lifer over him any day, even if it meant voting Democrat. And Randall Terry is a good man…highly passionate, but honest.

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