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  2. This is tremendous! Austin Ruse said they need to hear we are pleased, as the opposing side is bombarding with negative emails. “Please stop what you are doing right now and write to news@komen.org and say (in English please): “Thanks for defunding Planned Parenthood!” That is all you have to say! And it will make a huge difference.”

  3. Jenn, thanks for that email address. Sent my thank you in!

  4. Please be warned that they are hoping it is only temporary…until the government clears them of wrong doing with tax money. They have many politicians in their corners (not any mammogram machines, tho)

  5. PP may hope it is only temporary, but if enough of us praise the Komen Foundation for doing it, they may think twice before re-aligning themselves with PP. Perhaps many who did not know of the alliance will now know and will be more cautious in the future with organizations they blindly support.

  6. {sigh} Thanks, Beth. Didn't know that. Well, SOME of the battle is won.

  7. The Archdiocese letter on the Komen stem cell connection references a newsletter from 2006. I couldn't find the original to see if they said they were funding the research, or just reviewing other research at the time.

    BUT the current statement from Komen is:
    “Susan G. Komen for the Cure® has never funded human embryonic stem cell research (HESCR) nor does Komen currently fund H-ESCR. Komen supports research on the isolation, derivation, production, and testing of stem cells that are capable of producing all or almost all of the cell types of the developing body and may result in improved understanding of or treatments for breast cancer, but are derived without creating a human embryo or destroying a human embryo.”

    This is from a pdf of the Official Statement available in their media center: http://ww5.komen.org/AboutUs/MediaCenter.html

    I have not supported Komen in the past. BUT all signs seem to indicate that their new leadership IS making some firm pro-life decisions. If that's the case, I hope they do get an outpouring of support to make up for the vitriol they are now getting from those who are willing to dismiss fighting breast cancer for the all-mighty “choice” battle.

    PP is actually actively soliciting donations to “make up” for what they lost (which was funds for only about 4% of their breast “screenings”). Of course what they are doing is pulling donations from Komen.

    Those who are so incensed about the grants to PP stopping are missing the point (of course, in many ways), but PP did not do mammograms — they referred elsewhere. So there is not suddenly a huge gap in preventive care for poor women, not matter what some want to scream!

    Here's an article on Komen from the National Catholic Register (acknowledgment — it's my husband's article).

    Sorry this is so long. I've been reading up on it all.

    Yes, Komen still denies the abortion-breast cancer link. But, this is the way of medical research. There are truly studies on both sides and, on any connection or medical development, it takes years of studies in increasingly large groups for things to be fully “proven.” So we can hope for a change on this too!

  8. Elizabeth, thank you. I did see that the ESCR charges against Komen seemed to have been cleared up. Yes, they ignore the evidence that links abortion and breast cancer, but that's not a moral issue. As you say, it's a matter of research and debate. My one remaining complaint with Komen is the amount of money that goes to “awareness” or to administrative costs, rather than actual research. HOWEVER, that is a completely different issue, and does not detract from the reality that the organization is making great strides in a good direction. I do think we need to applaud their efforts. I am not one to send boycott letters, as a general rule, even if I am boycotting a corporation. But sending an email saying that I am no longer boycotting because of their changes should send a clear message that there are many people who silently put their money elsewhere. I would not even purchase food at the grocery store with a pink label promising a corporate donation to Komen, just because of my silent boycott. I may not do a Race for the Cure now, but at least I will not feel that I need to change my grocery shopping habits just to avoid an indirect contribution as well.

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