Better than "Yo, Dude"

Fritz has to write a letter to the bishop as one of his confirmation requirements.  The topic is: how my home life has influenced my religious formation.  I asked him if he had considered what he would write.

“Yeah.  I’m going to say that I’m homeschooled, so my mom’s my teacher, and we have religion class every day.”

“Hm.  Okay.  You know you’re going to have to expand that to about 150 words?”



“I know what the first four words will be: Dear Mr. Bishop, Sir:

Well, at least he nailed politeness and respect.  Only 146 more words to go.

2 thoughts on “Better than "Yo, Dude"

  1. Ha ha ha! I teach the confirmation class at our parish (same diocese, other side of the moon from the See though) and my students are whining about it like there is no tomorrow. Sigh…perhaps I will the salutation with them. 🙂

  2. Love it! My son never had to write such a letter; my daughter did (different parish) but it had to be to the pastor.

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