Recent pictures

Finally downloading pictures from the camera.

Mary wanted to help saute onions and peppers, but they hurt her eyes.  We took care of that.

Mary hamming it up for somebody – not me.

Bill gave me a flash diffuser for Christmas.  Here we experiment with its effects.  The first is with and the second is without the diffuser.

My husband makes scruffy look good.

I am glad he’s back to shaven, though.  Ouch.

4 thoughts on “Recent pictures

  1. Mine's been walking around scruffy all Christmas, too, going with a lumberjack theme. He's even better looking now than he was when we were young, and I was pretty smitten with him them. 😉

  2. I think being on leave is a foretaste of retirement. So many high-and-tight, clean shaven soldiers grow their hair long and sport goatees or full beards when they leave the service.

    Mine has aged well, too. Makes it easy to fall in love again every day.

  3. Where has Fritz's high and tight gone? Has he gone scruffy like your husband did?

  4. He goes “long” in the winter so his head won't freeze.

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