Happy Feast of the Holy Family

Bill has been off this week, so we’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing.  It’s been lovely.

We did go to see The Muppets.  We had 8 free tickets, which meant that ordering 4 medium popcorns and 4 medium sodas for nearly $50 didn’t hurt too badly.  Everybody enjoyed the film; it was nice not having to worry that the next joke or scene was going to include something crude or offensive.  There was one scene where the camera panned to the audience watching the muppets perform, and the rows were filled with 40ish people with dopey, happy grins on their faces.  It was like looking in the mirror…(and that only made my own dopey, happy grin larger).

Bill and I watched The King’s Speech.  Wow.  How absolutely wonderful to enjoy a movie made for adults, with adult topics, but absolutely no violence or nudity.

This is in contrast to a few other shows we’ve been trying to watch, but one little night owl has been repeatedly coming downstairs to visit us.  A large number of scenes are completely inappropriate for children, so we can’t watch the shows at all.  Just as well, I suppose.

The other night, I read Bedtime for Frances to Mary, the night owl.  She loved it, as I did when I was a child.  I asked her last night, “What is your job?”

“To go to bed,” she answered.

“And what happens if you don’t go to bed?” I asked her, just as Frances’s father asked her in the book.

“You’re going to spank my bottom!”  She smiled and laughed and scampered off to bed, finally, permanently.  Corporal punishment is such a terrifying threat in our home.

Bill has not shaved since Christmas Eve.  I hope to take a picture of him today, since he has promised to clean himself up.  We’re going to a party this evening, otherwise he’d probably let it go.  He looks kinda cute with a beard, but he sure isn’t getting many kisses.  He’d need a few more weeks before it was long enough to be soft, but he’s back to work on Monday.

I’m scouring the internet for information on housing in Tampa.  If anybody can recommend areas to live, I would be grateful.  I’ll head there in a few weeks to see potential homes in person and hopefully put a deposit down.

Lastly, I enjoyed this article by Marybeth Hicks: Set New Parenting Trends in the New Year.

3 thoughts on “Happy Feast of the Holy Family

  1. My aunt and uncle used to live in Tampa – I'll see what they recommend.

  2. Friend of mine lived there when her husband was in the Air Force. They were in Brandon.

    We loved the Muppets too! It was a lot of fun.

  3. Thank you, Kris. Barb, Brandon seems to be reasonably priced and typical suburbia. On my list of places to check out.

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