How much more stuff do we need?

I’m pondering this column on Stuff today as I think hard about Christmas shopping.  I’m also thinking hard about moving, since we should be doing that soon…very soon…although I don’t know where or exactly when.  I am tempted to do a partial do-it-yourself move where I would box everything and get somebody else to load it up, truck it, and unload it.  If you have to wrap and box everything, you think long and hard about how badly you want it.

But then I couldn’t blame the movers for the missing kid things.

Really, though, I don’t see having the time to do all that work, so I’ll have to purge beforehand as much as possible and then finish it at the other end.

In the meantime, my Christmas wish list is mostly to replace old or broken or not-quite-right things I already have, and the items on my gift list for others are being scrutinized for necessity or usefulness.

Except for books.  There is never a restriction on books…

6 thoughts on “How much more stuff do we need?

  1. I agree, I really chafe under consumption and stuff.
    I selfishly hope you are moving our way, I'd love that 🙂

  2. I hope you live in KY, Mimi, because that's where I want her to move. 🙂

  3. Sorry, ladies, I don't think the West Coast or the Midwest are in our list of potential places. But 2 years ago, I thought I WAS moving to Kentucky and ended up in Georgia…so who knows.

  4. Any chance you'd come to Arizona? 🙂

  5. Cmerie, that would be quite a surprise. Top locations are: PA, RI, TX, FL, or back to Northern Virginia. But you never know.

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