Morning Cuppa

Husband: Peter!  Coffee!

Peter comes running.

Me: Did you just tell the 6 year old that the coffee is ready?

He stands there, silent, pondering pithy responses, and coming up short.

Peter grins.  And then he searches for the flavored creamer in the fridge, which is, alas, all gone.

Earlier this morning, Fritz requested that I buy some French vanilla flavored beans.  This is not normal.

For the record, we serve the java heavy on the latte

4 thoughts on “Morning Cuppa

  1. I started drinking coffee at age 7 and still do.

  2. Wow, you're brave. There's no way I'm caffeinating Little Brother in the morning. He's wired enough all on his own!

  3. I grew up in a Norwegian family and began drinking coffee regularly at 11. Most of my kiddos are also coffee drinkers, although those under 13 can only have coffee on Sundays. Our 12 year old is a well trained barista that would put any Starbucks brewer to shame. I say, “Let them drink coffee!” LOL!

  4. My eight year old just starting drinking coffee. What's up with this kid. I'll be schooling him at the table, and he'll be over there slurping off my coffee cup! So I just get him his own now.

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