Halloween Festivities

“I know you’re really busy tomorrow…” he said.  It was a guess, of course.  A good, accurate guess, but a guess nonetheless.

“What do you need, honey?” I asked.  It was just Mass, and school, and the usual stuff on my calendar.

“Can you post pictures of the costumes?  Please?”

And so, I interrupt my “I’m too busy to blog” life, by special request, to post Halloween pictures.  I don’t know if the children will ever forgive me for ignoring their schoolwork for a bit. 

The kids had a piano recital last week, in costume.  Therefore, the weekend before was all consumed with sewing, cutting, gluing, painting, etc.  But some of the children did not perform, and some of the accessories were not required, therefore, this past weekend was also all consumed with more of the same.

I am very happy that Halloween is over.  Life can resume.

First of all, the disaster that was my house for over a week:

Working on hard tile does nothing good for your back.

flotsam and jetsam


crucial bike pump

work in progress

kitchen table, where are you?
Then there was Jenny.  When the lady at the fabric store saw my selection, she said, “Dorothy?”  I just sighed.  I did not have a pattern; I just winged it.  A pattern would have been better.  But patterns are expensive, and I was feeling cheap.
It was too bright to face me

Her hair was cute.

She used birthday money to buy her own Toto and ruby red shoes.


I wish my children were into themes, but we couldn’t get anybody to agree to be a Tin Man or Scarecrow or Lion.  I finally convinced Mary to be Glinda the Good Witch.

Glinda the Good Witch

Of course, everybody thought she was dressed as a princess.  Everybody except for one woman a few doors down who knew exactly who she was.  The Wizard of Oz is her favorite movie, she said.  This was another costume without a pattern.  I should have used a pattern, but I could not find my princess dress pattern.  I think I need to organize my supplies.

Katie wanted to be Black Cat Girl from 1960’s era Spiderman.  Her father killed Peter Parker’s uncle.  Google some images and, um, well, if you don’t have a filter, then don’t do that while children are present.  Here is one appropriate pic:

All other online pictures are rated R.  I used a black velour warm up suit found at Target and just added some white fluff.

I told her lipstick wasn’t necessary.

Black Cat Girl

While the girls’ costumes required mostly my labor, the boys’ were in their father’s line.  It’s too bad there is no money to be made in this business.  Bill has quite a talent.

Billy was a samurai warrior.

Nothing we could do about the blue eyes.

Peter wanted to be a Roman soldier.  He is on a Roman soldier kick.  Loves all things…as long as they are Roman soldiers.

He had so many people remark how cute he was.  Cute?  Does this kid look cute?  Fierce.  Determined.  Deadly.  Not cute.

Fritz was a Ranger from the Ranger’s Apprentice series.  We forgot to put on his oak leaf insignia.  I made the cape – very nice cape, if I do say so myself.  Bill (and Fritz) did all the accessories: bow, quiver and arrows, various knives and scabbards.

I used the same pattern and made a black cape for my nephew.  I had the good fortune of finding two flat queen size sheets in black at the thrift store for $3.  Thrift stores are a gold mine for fabric.

Action shots (my nephew is merely an armed thug):

My niece was a skeleton kitty.

Group shot of the girls:

Samurai vs. European-esque warrior:

Dorothy defends Toto against the marauding Goths:

East and West united against the barbarian:

We had a great time last night, although Mary got halfway through the neighborhood and declared she had enough candy and that it was time to go home.  She was asleep before 8 pm.

11 thoughts on “Halloween Festivities

  1. My kids are going to get a kick out of your Ranger. They all love that book series. In fact, they don't know that the first Brotherband is due to be delivered sometime today!

  2. Lucky kids. Mine say, “I wanna be a [insert costume idea here].”

    I say, “That's great. As long as you can make your costume yourself!”

  3. Thank you so much for the pictures! In addition to the memories from Bill's & siblings' childhoods, it is really great to see the grandkids' imaginations at work each year & the time & effort you & Bill put into bringing it all to life! You succeeded very well without patterns.



  4. Wow! Great costumes1

  5. Fantastic costumes! I especially love the guys, having had my own resident rangers and Roman soldiers at times. Bill is just awesome with the cardboard (he'd get along great with Josiah)! And your girls are cute; your Roman is not!

  6. Those costumes are so impressive!!! Without a pattern? You rock!

    I would agree, he's not cute. My little one was a knight last night, and told me this morning he didn't like how everyone kept telling him he was cute.

    Now, are those soldier costumes cardboard? Really? The Roman soldier is WAY impressive.

  7. Jennifer, the soldier costume is poster board – one piece that he cut and folded into place. The samurai costume is poster board with cardboard shoulders. Both helmets are paper mache with poster board bling. The few local stores didn't seem to have balloons big enough to be a head, but he found a cheap playground ball that was the right size. He used the bicycle pump to deflate the ball to get the helmet off, and then re-inflate it to make the other one.

  8. Great costumes as always. I think they get better every year. Bill does definitely have a talent for it and so do you. What was used for Date Masamune's mask? It looks like an old hockey mask.

  9. Tom, that was a cheap mask found at Walmart with painted eyes and lips – maybe a clown's mask? Elastic band to go around the back. He cut out the eyes and mouth and spray painted it.

  10. Awesome costumes! My kids would get a kick out the Ranger's Apprentice costume too!

  11. What an adorable, loving family. Thanks for sharing. jackie

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