Etiquette question

If the host of an event tells the crowd to put their hands over their hearts for the playing of the National Anthem, and you notice the fiftyish woman next to you not doing so for the duration of the song, is it OK to punch her?

The event was a 5k to benefit wounded warriors. If she hates the country so much, why would she participate in the event?

My time was 28:23, which is not as good as the one I did last month, but Bill wasn’t running with me. Despite that, the smaller venue meant I finished 2nd in my age group. It’s pretty cool to place. The top female was 39, and ran it in 17-something.

7 thoughts on “Etiquette question

  1. Maybe her elbow was broken and she couldn't lift her hand. 😉

  2. You know, I REALLY want to believe that, and tried hard to think of some excuse for her…and it's possible…but she was running in a 5k, and most people swing their arms enough during a 5k, that I think an infirmity that prevents you from putting your hand over your heart, might keep you from running…I DIDN'T punch her, so I'm not totally evil…

  3. It is o.k. to punch her, just don't let anyone see you do it. 😉

  4. Couldn't you trip her during the race? Much easier to make look like an accident. 🙂
    Congrats on your race time!

  5. I do understand how you feel Michelle, but there are some religions which do not allow such actions – it is seen as idolatry. So maybe…

  6. Heretic and Anti-American–definitely ok to punch, but I like Christie's suggestion best! LOL Congratulations on placing. When will we get to run again? You will definitely kick my backside….

  7. No offense meant here, but when I was growing up, we placed our hand on heart for the Pledge of Allegiance, not for the National Anthem. During the Anthem, men should remove hats, and all should stand at attention. I don't think it's necessarily in the common etiquette that one has to place one's hand over heart.

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