How to get your children to eat vegetables

Step one: make a salad.

Step two: sit down all comfy-like at your desk to read blogs and eat lunch.

Step three: give half your salad to your hungry daughter.

4 thoughts on “How to get your children to eat vegetables

  1. Hi Michelle!

    I just wanted to pop over and say THANK YOU for your kind words regarding my post on the thread at Faith & Family.

    I have been struggling with the 4th commandment for some time now. You nailed it exactly on the head…

    My best friend (from childhood…were now 42!) has been telling me for years that perhaps I need to take the lead from my husband and pull back from the family dysfunction. After all, this is his family…and if he sees the forest for the trees, perhaps I should look a little harder too. She also reminded me that while we are called to love everyone in the Body of Christ, we are not called to be friends with everyone…especially if the dysfunction is dangerous or hurtful.

    While we don't have anything as detrimental as drug abuse/imprisonment/child abuse/etc., we are surrounded by family members that do a lot of “bashing” on grandpa…the Catholic church, etc. We no longer think that exposing our children to this is such a hot idea.

    I have struggled with denying our children a relationship with their grandmother and aunt/uncle, but as hubby pointed out…is this a healthy relationship?

    Lots to ponder…I might need to hash this out with our Pastor, Father Pat!!!


    P.S. I'm off to make a salad…ha!

  2. Did you just redo all the pictures on your side bar? Everyone suddenly looks much older.
    (yes I'm aware this makes me sound like a stalker)
    -Kat (sahmoffive)

  3. Yup, Kat, they're growing up.

  4. I can relate to this post 100x. 🙂

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