Science/History class trauma

This happened weeks ago, but I’ve had these photos on my camera and finally downloaded them.

Katie was trying to find a quiet place to read her history.  This is quite a challenge here.  I’ve been to other people’s homes during school hours, and they are not as noisy.  I crave quiet students diligently reading, but that is not my lot in life.


The back deck was too hot and sunny, so I suggested the front porch which remains shaded until afternoon.  And so she went.  Not too many minutes later, she returned, a bit startled.  Apparently, a snake had been on the roof, stalking a gecko.  Apparently, he caught it, but in the process lost his balance on the roof and so the two came tumbling down, landing right in front of her.

After but a moment’s pause, we all jumped up to go see.  I took one look and went to get my camera, which was on B&W (I did not realize this until it was over).

There was a snake, with a gecko hanging out of it’s mouth.

snake on porch railing post

zoomed in

We stood, not 18 inches away, and watched the poor gecko in his last moments.  It was horrifying, in a detached, scientific sort of way.  The snake, in the middle of eating, was terrified by the looming figures of 7 people lurking over him, but he was a bit busy and couldn’t move.  As soon as the last of the tail was swallowed, the snake took off.

Back in the house, Jenny cried.  I held her tightly.  This is why I am not a biologist.  I hate this stuff.  I’m not fond of creepy crawly things at all, but around here, as long as they stay outside, the geckos are kinda cute.  We even consider them our friends.

2 thoughts on “Science/History class trauma

  1. We watched a snake eat a frog a while back and the screams of the frog still haunt me. I sympathize. 😦

  2. Oh my for the tenderheart. We had a couple snakes in our high school bio class. The teacher breed mice for them, and we got to witness the circle of life about once a week. One day the snake bit the teacher and we all jumped onto our desks…fun times. Last night I saw a most awesome show on NatGeo called, The whale that ate jaws. It was about an Orca from the LA pod who was seen killing and eating a great white shark. Now that was kind of neat. I won't ever think of shamu in the same way again. Makes me glad I never became a whale trainer afterall.

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