It’s about time

I finally updated my sidebar photos.  They were a bit…old.  Or young, I guess.  The kids have changed a bit.

The older ones haven’t changed too too much.

FRITZ (not much change)


BILLY (who won’t cut his mop head)


KATIE (the shorter hair makes her look older)


JENNY (who FINALLY has some teeth growing up front)


PETER (an older, wiser imp)


MARY (not even the same girl any more)


10 thoughts on “It’s about time

  1. They look great–but they sure are growing up.
    Middle Sister was complaining the other day that she wished Little Brother was still little. Like, 2 years old little.
    I don't.
    OK, once in a while I do.

  2. Mary's not a a baby anymore, mama. But she is very cute! They all are, Michelle.

  3. Wow! Fritz does really look older, but Billy actually looks younger with the longer hair! Your Katie and my Katie look amazingly alike! Katie's been standing here looking at all the pictures and shrieking “Oh my GOSH!” at each one. 🙂

  4. Such a beautiful family!

  5. I my gosh, Michelle … your kids are so good looking! Love those brown eyes and the long beautiful hair on your girls!
    -Angie Kasuske

  6. Goodness, they do grow up too fast.

  7. Thanks goodness you just kept to the headshot with Mary- any longer and you would have seen her Frankenstein's monster arms.

  8. The other Katie wasn't the only one shrieking “Oh, my GOSH!” It's only been since May, but I can't believe how much they all have changed in that time!

    We have GOT to get down there around Christmas! If we wait any longer, we may not recognize them!

  9. Wow, such changes. Fritz is becoming quite the handsome young man. Does it scare you a little?

  10. No, Sharilyn, it doesn't scare me yet…but he's not into girls yet. That's probably when I'll get scared.

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