Working weekend

Ever notice that men write the biggest tear-jerkers?  What is up with that?

We got burnt to a crisp on Friday at Jekyll Island, GA.  It wasn’t a pleasure trip; we were there “on business” at a mandatory fun, family event for my husband’s unit.  Bill had to twist my arm to attend (NOT).

The event was hosted by local businesses and groups, and the media was present.  Here is one article:

Sense of Normalcy

It’s touching.

7 thoughts on “Working weekend

  1. I came to leave a comment, but I don't have anything to say. That's a powerful piece.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Michelle. I am passing it on.

  3. Touching–you're the queen of understatement there! Thank you for posting that article. And thanks to your husband for his work with those wounded soldiers who have given so much.

  4. My step-sister's brother-in-law just arrived at Walter Reed this week, having stepped on a mine in Afghanistan. Lost is lower right leg and has injuries to the left side also. His young wife is 20 weeks pregnant with their first baby. Keep wondering if he might end up with Bill at some point, although I know there are other units out there besides his. Despite having lived through all 3 of Jim's deployments, actually knowing someone who was gravely injured puts a new face on the war.

  5. Oh, Kris, I'm sorry for your extended family. When the face of war has a name, too, it gets very personal. He should end up close to where he deployed from…if he is 3rd ID, he'd end up in Bill's unit. It also depends on his injuries, too. Some places offer specialized care, so if he has some unique situation, he could be assigned elsewhere.

  6. Came from Ft. Carson.

  7. Thanks, Michelle, for posting this article in your blog…have passed it on.

    Denise R

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