Last Week of Summer Break

I almost might complain that school begins around here next week, except that school ended before Memorial Day and it’s too hot to do anything else.

I will complain, though, about my calendar, which I just filled with piano on Mondays, Scouts on Tuesdays, CCD on Wednesdays, and ballet on Fridays.  Still left: flag football.  We should find out this week if that will be on Mondays or Thursdays with games on Saturdays.  I hope hope hope it’s on Mondays.  It would mean the boys can go to fencing on Thursdays, and it would mean that I would have one free afternoon/night a week, because if Bill doesn’t take them to fencing, they don’t go.

Fritz is the only one enrolled in CCD.  The rule at our parish is that you must attend CCD the year prior to the year you receive a sacrament (here or at another parish).  I brought Fritz’s report card showing he was enrolled in what I called a “private, Catholic distance learning school,”  where he received an “A” in religion class.  Unfortunately, though, our last name isn’t exactly common, so the parish secretary, who may not know my face, knows who we are, and knows we homeschool.  She might even remember telling me a year and a half ago specifically that homeschoolers must enroll in CCD. I’m sure she’ll take her case to the pastor, and I can’t say what he will decide.  But he likes Fritz, he likes our family, and it doesn’t hurt that the boys are altar servers.

Anyway, all these extra-curriculars begin the second or third week of August, severely limiting my ability to go to the beach on random days.  I guess I should take them one day this week.

One thought on “Last Week of Summer Break

  1. My whole summer has been spent driving kids to summer day camps, doctor appointments, concerts (well, yes, I benefit from those), college tours, etc. I remember last summer I spent lots of afternoons leisurely reading or watching videos on the laptop. I don't think I've had such an afternoon since late May. Maybe things will settle down once school starts in a month.

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