Summer Fitness Challenge

We’re mostly done with school work.  The reading and reports left require minimal participation on my part, so I am free to pursue other interests, like cleaning my house and sewing.  I decided to step up my exercise program a bit and take on the Crossfit Workout of the Day.  My husband loves this program, but he also loves a workout partner, so perhaps we can do it together.  Or at least commiserate.

Fortunately, I told him of my plans.  That link to the workout of the day reveals a very challenging workout.  It would take me all day long to do the number of reps they give.  And I would be so sore, I would never do it again.  My husband showed me the link for the scaled workouts.  If you click on the Crossfit WOD topic, and then go to the current day, someone has kindly suggested a modified routine for the “Pack” and for “Puppies.” 

Even doing the Puppies, modified and as lightweight as I possibly could (I didn’t do pull-ups, I did lat pull-downs), all I can say is OUCH. 

OUCHOUCHOUCHOUCHOUCH.  I’m determined to do this, but OUCH.

I have to go take a shower right now before my arms are too stiff to wash my hair.

Anybody else taking on a fitness challenge this summer?

9 thoughts on “Summer Fitness Challenge

  1. Not taking on a new challenge, but it is a definite struggle to stay on my regular course when our summer schedule is more relaxed. It is much more inviting to snuggle on the couch with a second cup of coffee than to get up and get my workout done!

  2. My husband and I are interested in trying P90X together this summer. The problem is 1) I've watched all my coworkers moaning “I. Can't. Mooove” after they started it, and 2) He's been in Afghanistan near a good gym doing two major workouts a day since the fall while I've been here exercising but without nearly that much free workout time. Is it ridiculous that I don't want to start a new workout routine b/c he will probably beat me and I'm wildly competitive? Yes…

  3. Ridiculous? Um, no. I always run faster if I'm running with him and it drives me nuts that he looks like he's going slow for me and I'm pumping my short fat legs with all my might. The thing I like about Crossfit is that we can do the same number of reps, but I don't feel like such a wimp if mine are modified. And some things, like pullups (if I could even do such a thing) are naturally modified, since I weigh less than he does. But I've heard great things about the PX90. Go for it.

  4. We finally joined the YMCA and so far I'm loving it. Of course my kids got sick the first week after being in the childcare, so we recovered for most of the second week, but this is the third week and we're going to get right back into it. I'm hoping I can get into a good routine this summer, so it's easy for me come fall.

  5. I know I have to be patient, but I would like to start something sooner rather than later like I usually do postpartum. With the heat right now I'm wondering how we ran last summer? We're trying to move into a regular stretching/yoga-type routine now since that flexibility and breathing is a benefit in any aerobic activity. We'll see where it goes.

  6. I've heard great things about PX90, but if you do any exercise regiment that requires that much work, you will see results. PX90's claim that you are “fooling” your muscles to work harder is a load. The different routines don't fool muscles because muscles don't get fooled. The advantage of the routines is they keep you interested. It's not the same thing over and over. It will work if you stick with it and not getting bored helps you stick with it.

    I'm on the beer and couch routine myself. It's great and I'm in a shape. Yes, I meant to say “a shape” because round is a shape. 🙂

  7. I do some Crossfit in small group personal trainings. I REALLY enjoy it! And am in the best shape of my life including going from a size 20 to a size 12! 🙂

  8. I just had to leave an aside on your school work comment. When my children have reports and paragraphs left, it requires maximum NAGGING on my part. The mental anguish of that is worse than sitting with them and doing daily assignments. You must be doing something right!

    Good luck with your summer challenge!

    Jessica Angsten

  9. Oh, Jessica, there will be lots of nagging. But with only 2 students it's not as much and certainly not all day long.

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