Ready or Not…

…the Triduum is here.

I confess, I am mostly not.

I think a late Easter, now coming in the full swing of kids’ sports and other activities hasn’t helped.  Neither has living in this part of the country where spring comes early and the outdoors is calling.

Neither has two straight weeks of house guests helped.  But, I assure you, sister, extended relatives, and friends, it is worth it to see you.

So, my house is not top-to-bottom spic and span spring cleaned.

So, tonight we have our quirky not-Passover meal with lamb and matzohs where we talk about the symbolism of Passover and what it means to us as Christians, and celebrate the birthday of the Church…only I don’t happen to have lamb or matzohs yet…and the kids are old enough to know what today is and what we always do and won’t be happy or fooled with substitutions. 

So, I don’t have any Easter candy purchased, except for the expensive, good stuff made at a local family, chocolate shop which is definitely not for the kids.

So, the kids will not be in matching or color-coordinated outfits this Easter.

So what.

We have prayed, we have sacrificed, we have confessed.  The important things are done.

Have a peaceful, stress-free Triduum, as I plan to.  And have a blessed Easter.

5 thoughts on “Ready or Not…

  1. I didn't have Easter candy until last night when I went out and found that most of it was gone. I was actually very surprised. I mean, does everyone plan that far ahead? So, the kids will get Mikes'n'Ikes and Lemonheads instead of jelly beans. Oh well.

    Wishing you a blessed Triduum.

  2. I was feeling ready…had my schedule of baking and preparation for the Triduum and now we're all getting sick. We were fine all Lent, but it's like clockwork to get sick during Holy Week.

  3. Nobody's got new clothes for Easter here either. And my kids will each have a bag of their favorite flavor UTZ potato chips in their basket instead of choco-bunnies–along with a box of peeps and some plastic eggs full of M&Ms. It's all good.

    Blessings to you & your family!

  4. I should have said, as far as clothes…we've failed miserably. I still have to hem some slacks, and pull out the 3T or 4T bin to find dress clothes.

  5. Still trying to figure out what the Triduum is supposed to look like with food and activities / services. This has been my problem for every holiday. If I could just get a blueprint of what I am supposed to do I would pay large sums of money to not have to figure it out.
    I think a nanny would help on this count. Anyone want a nanny job? Wait, we were talking about Triduum and Easter. hmmm…
    How about a Catholic grandmother who already has all the recipes and ideas nailed down. You know, the gluten and dairy (and coconut) free recipes.
    Have a Blessed Easter. We miss having another large Catholic family to copy traditions from. 🙂

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