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Last fall, the landlord asked my husband if we really liked this rose bush because he was thinking of cutting it down.  Why?  Because he likes things to be symmetrical, and this lone bush in the front of our asymmetrical house didn’t offer the right balance.  My husband knows I love this bush, so he strongly urged the man to spare it.


Getting ready to sing me “Happy Birthday.”  I had a fabulous day…enough spoiling to last until my 50th.


Mary and Peter were having some sort of war game.  I just love how Mary needs to dress appropriately for battle: light sabre, beret, fancy dress.


My gray hairs.  I tried hard to take this picture myself, but couldn’t get it right.  I asked my husband, and he only did it under duress.  “Why do you want a picture of your gray hairs?” he demanded.  He insists that I am perpetually 18 – the age when we met.  He just feels guilty for causing the gray.

This is also real, but prettier – I had Fritz take one of my sister and I while I had makeup on, hair curled, and contacts lenses in.  I think I took the contacts out right after this.  They bother my eyes so much.  My sister, who is 5 years younger than I am, was getting a bit distressed that several times we’d been asked by strangers if we were twins “Do I look 40?” she moaned.  The appropriate response is that we both look 30.  Right?

13 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Aww, you look just as great with glasses and no makeup! And, yes, you look 30!

  2. Yes! You both look 30! Or younger! 🙂


  3. Not a day over 30!

  4. 25!

    You both look young, beautiful, and, yes, twins!

  5. Happy family! You look young, AND Joyful.

  6. Fun! I was thinking that the only time I've seen you with contacts is at the first Oktoberfest. I'm amazed you still have them. Little sisters are just great, aren't they? I still get asked if I'm older than my 46 year old sister. 🙂

    I love that even with the “good” picture of your grey hairs, you can't see them.

  7. very pretty pictures…and forty is GOOD (that's me this summer…) right?….

  8. Oh, to have that LITTLE gray hair at 40. I had more than that at 30! (And at 44, have been coloring for years at home – just wasn't ready to be gray at 30.) I'm glad you had that a nice birthday. I think that rosebush is beautiful.

  9. you are beautiful with or without makeup!! Loving the princess warrior…awesome!!

  10. Ha! I actually beat my mom (Becky D.) to the comments section this time!


    Anyway. My parents met when Mom was 19, and 25 years later Dad maintains that she is still 19. When he colors her hair I have to come in and check that he did it right because he steadfastly maintains that he can't see any gray to begin with.

  11. You are just like I am with the contacts – only put them on once a week, for going to Mass, then leave them in until I can't stand them or until I have to read something, as I really need bifocal ones….

  12. Your hair looks great! My cousin calls grays “platinum blondies”. LOL.

    I think the answer the the assymetrical rose bush is another rose bush to balance it out…if it disturbs him so much. Who wouldn't love those roses!?!?

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