Command Presence

Yesterday we went into Savannah to see the Privateer Lynx before it heads north.  If you are along it’s route, you may find it interesting.  Bill, who has just finished the Patrick O’Brian series set (mainly) during the War of 1812, and Billy, who has been reading about the same time period for history, found the tour especially interesting.

Bill was in the front of the boat, just past the galley.  I was in the middle near the entrance to an area below deck.  Mary was playing near the galley door where a crew member was working.  The kids were heading below deck, and I was going to follow them, so I attracted Bill’s attention to Mary.

“You need to keep your eyes on her!” I ordered.

He nodded.  I went below deck.

Later, he came up to me and said that the woman in the galley thought I was telling her to watch Mary.  When she saw Bill, she asked if she was relieved of that duty and could get back to her real job.

I did go and explain and apologize to her.

My husband’s comment: “I wish I had your command presence!”

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