Breakfast ideas

I’m going to the grocery store and making my list. 

Confession: we eat cereal here.  I know there are so many of you supermoms out there who make nice hot breakfasts (and lunches) for your deserving families.  You are wonderful people.  I do not do this.  Yes, sometimes, I feel guilty about it.  But generally, I just feel relieved that I have one less task to do.  And for most of my children, I don’t even serve them, breakfast or lunch.  And we don’t sit down as a family for those meals either.  Self-serve, eat when you are hungry (within reasonable parameters).

Dinner, though, is usually a family affair.  And yummy and hot.

So, back to grocery shopping.  And list making.  I usually buy cereal with coupons, because there are lots of cereal coupons every week in the paper.  I have a coupon for Frosted Mini Wheats.  But Katie doesn’t like FMW, the brand; she prefers the Malt-O-Meal equivalent.  Whatever.  With a coupon it’s probably the same price, or the MOM is cheaper anyway.

Peter, though, likes the flavored FMW.  The coupon reminds me that he had asked for that kind, so I asked him to confirm his request.

“What flavor?” I wanted to know.

“All of them,” he said.

“Well, the coupon is only for two, so that’s all I’m going to get.  What do you like best?”


He is my son.  For the record, they don’t have that flavor (Peter was disappointed to learn this), but I’m wondering what Kellog’s thinks of that idea.  I’m wondering if they can include caffeine…

7 thoughts on “Breakfast ideas

  1. That is tooo funny!

    But to tell you the truth, I'd at least TRY coffee flavored cereal.

    When/if any cereal complaints start, you can tell them that their dad, Uncle Tom, & Aunt Margaret only got sugared cereal when I had coupons – & not always then! 🙂

  2. I have to say, I would probably eat coffee flavored cereal……..

    You may have just come up with a way to make a million, Michelle!!!

  3. Actually, if I recall correctly, it was only on “double coupon” days, but it felt like almost never. 😉

  4. I don't know about coffee flavored cereal by itself, but a mocha flavored cereal (coffee and chocolate) would be right up my alley!

    And just to let you know, my kids eat cereal too, but sometimes they like to make toast or tacos or even have leftovers for breakfast. They make their own lunches as well. They really enjoy it and I have used it as a teaching opportunity about the food groups and what a correct serving size is, how to read labels and all that stuff. I am usually around, but only in an advisory capacity (or to handle sharp tools) like to help the 6 year old determine if crackers and pretzels both count as chips (they do) or what kind of protein should he have, did he choose a fruit or veggie, etc…. I consider lunchtime kind of like a lab for “home economics” or “health”. Whatever you want to call it!

  5. You are such a nice mom. 🙂

    We never got sugary cereal at home, except on New Year's Eve (my parents would let us have a junk food fest). My mother gave us generic Cheerios and told us we could only have a light teaspoon of sugar on them. (Needless to say, as soon as she left the room we dumped more sugar on.)

  6. Too funny–my neighbor was just complaining that her 10-year-old daughter does not like FMW, preferring the Malt-o-Meal instead. Middle Sister recommended that she try the Mom's Best Naturals variety (I had a coupon) It's REALLY good.

  7. We eat cereal most days for breakfast. Or they do. I have eggs. When I feel gracious, I make them eggs too. When they are old enough to make their own eggs, they make them. We buy Aldi healthy cereals and oatmeal. No need to make my day more complicated than it needs to be!

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