How to make a Monday morning less dreary

Taking time off from our normal school day to…get sunburned.

Tybee Island Lighthouse


Serious digging.
My niece, Morgan
My nephew, Jack, always had his backside to me.
The little boy in the middle is some kid we don’t know.
He was just so happy to see a whole van load of
kids show up to play with him.  That happens to us.
All the time.

My lovely sister.

At this part of the island, a cargo ship will appear
in the distance…ghost-like.

Then a half hour or more later, it will suddenly
streak by on it’s way to port.

I tried to get a picture of her eating strawberries, but
after a nibble or two, she would shove the rest in her mouth.
Florida strawberries are at peak season right now.

Although sunny and in the upper 70’s, the brisk shore wind made things chilly.  There was one girl parading around in a bikini, but I put on a sweater.  I think everybody went home with pink cheeks and noses.

4 thoughts on “How to make a Monday morning less dreary

  1. So jealous! Up here in Ontario Canada, we just enjoyed a mild week, then got a foot of snow, had a thunderstorm and now the temps are below freezing again. What does sand in your toes feel like in March? Looks like the kiddos had fun!

  2. I get homesick every time I read your blog! What a lovely day.

  3. Oh my…want to be there.
    (Closed my blog for while. I will open up again after Lent.)

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