Lego Creche

I just received this link in my email and I need to post it here so I can find it again. 

Lego Creche (a tutorial)

My boys will be wanting to do this, right after they finish playing with the game St. Nicholas brought them today: The Priest Game.  They’ve been playing all day.  “It’s awesome,” is my 12 year old’s review.  Keep in mind he’s a geeky homeschooled kid if you are wondering if your 12 year old would like it too. 

2 thoughts on “Lego Creche

  1. OOOOH! Thanks for the Lego link. That will be so fabulous to do!

    And the review on the game is very helpful.

  2. My kids are excited by the Lego Creche. But I think they'll try to make mini-fig approximations of the people, instead of the brick versions. (If anyone is not fully immersed in all things Lego, mini-figs are the miniature people or character figures in Lego sets.)

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