Dog Days of Advent

My neighbors are decluttering and cleaning and moving on to a new stage in their life.  They have generously thought of us, and have been bringing over bags of things they no longer need but which we, a younger family, may find useful.  The books, especially, the kids have enjoyed: plenty of novels for the younger set and even some books for the little ones.

Yesterday, their daughter was home from college.  She came over while I was out shopping.  Bill said she was much too young to be living out on her own.  I reminded him that we stopped living full time with our parents while we were still teenagers.  We’ve reached the age where anyone without a few gray hairs is “too young” for anything, I think.

Anyway, neighbor daughter must have been told by her parents to start clearing out the things of her childhood.  She brought over some Barbies (and lots of teeny tiny accessories) and three Scooby-Doos that sing songs.  Bill said she had collected them way back when.

Three Scooby-Doos that sing/bark Jingles Bells or whatever.  I’m not sure what they sing because I have banished them from my presence.  I hear them rolfing in the next room and I try hard not to listen.  I suggested that at least two be gifted to friends who might enjoy their annoying cheerful noise, but then I think that their mothers might not like me much any more.  Should I share the misery or just offer it up?  Maybe Scooby-Doo will find his way to the nearest thrift store.  Soon.

10 thoughts on “Dog Days of Advent

  1. My SIL sent a little stuffed snowman a few years back that sings a carol and jiggles. Julia Ellen loves it sooo much that we have had to replace the batteries once already this year. Perhaps by being subjected to piano recital pieces ad nauseum I am immune to the noise, but I would rather listen to “just hear the bouncing jingling…” again than hear her cry.

  2. Around age three or four I received a baby doll that cried when you picked it up as a Christmas gift. Dad said that “the poor baby is sick and sad, it cries all the time – let me make it better” and took the batteries. I don't know if the baby was happier but the parents sure were.

  3. When the cleaning fairy comes while the kids are in the tub, the Scoobies will disappear. 😉

  4. Scooby-Doo is annoying period

    Since they go “way back when”, they might be worth selling on e-bay.

    Just keep telling yourself that's how children learn – repetition until you don't know whether to shoot them or yourself.

    At least they'll have the same memories your neighbor's daughter has.

    Speaking of repetition, who in the world has an alarm clock going off at work?! Must investigate.

  5. You know, it is AMAZING how often noisy toys break around here… Or we just do not have the right batteries…

    Well, that used to work when the kids were younger. Now they know that there is a limit on noisy toys, or they have to play with them in their rooms!

  6. Sounds like you need a gnome to come around to your house to steal the toys in the dead of night. I like to disable noisy toys, claim they have bad wiring and then shuffle them out the door shortly after the kids become disenchanted with their “defective” toy.

  7. Our neighbors too! Of course I'm doing some cleaning out of my own…right into the charity bags.

  8. My (unmarried) brother in law gave my daughter a Barbie that said things when you pushed the button, like, “let's go to the mall”.

    She was scheduled shortly thereafter for “surgery”.

  9. Your post title cracked me up, grin!

  10. I highly recommend a battery-ectomy.

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