Eye opening, or not

My friend stopped by yesterday, and I showed her a skirt that I was converting into a dress for a military ball.  I hadn’t done anything yet, but the ball is Friday night.  My friend is also a seamstress, so she stepped right in with helping me lay out pieces.  Meanwhile, another friend stops by and we had quite a little party with us (mostly them) ripping seams and pinning and cutting. 

It was great.  I highly recommend having other people come over and do your craft projects for you.

At one point, I had one friend counting the number of steps in the directions and the other friend commenting that I had 48 hours to get it all done.  “I have 49 hours and 15 minutes to get it done,” I corrected her haughtily.  “You can always be fashionably late,” she replied.  I suspect they think I’ve overstepped my capabilities. 

Last night I made a run to the fabric store for a crucial zipper, and I picked up some fabric to make a jacket as well.  The facility where the ball will be is freezing, and a fur coat would be welcome (but I just got some satiny material instead).  I also bought a strapless bra, since the dress is wide on the shoulders.  Then I bought some new eye makeup.

After all that, it was bedtime, so I’m only on step 4.  It may be a late night tonight.

This morning, I put on all the eye makeup to see if I liked the look.  I don’t generally wear much makeup at all, and if I do it might be a mascara and a natural shade of lip stick.  I like the way it turned out as it helps make my blue eyes pop out from behind my eyeglasses.  But it’s definitely too dramatic for daily wear: medium and dark blue shadow, black liner and mascara.

At the breakfast table, I was not at all surprised when Katie asked me, “Mommy, are you going somewhere today?”  Innocently, I asked her whatever did she mean?  After she pointed out I was wearing makeup, I looked both older boys straight in the eyes and asked them if they noticed the makeup.  Nope.  Of course not.

I love boys, I really do.

And I love having daughters.

4 thoughts on “Eye opening, or not

  1. And I'm hoping you have a back-up dress. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I know you'll get it done and it will be fabulous.

    I really dislike doing zippers. I know they are easy, but mine never lay smoothly.

    My boys notice every detail that changes on Mommy. Be thankful.

  3. Can we see the dress when it's finished? Good luck!

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