I found the camera right were I thought it ought to be.  I just didn’t see it at first glance.

Garden gnome with homemade sign

Full length shot.  He wore this costume
late on Friday, so he didn’t change
before coming home.  “Just don’t ask
me to stop at the store,” he said.
Yard decoration.  That’s one HUGE gnome.

World’s cutest witch.

When it was time to go, she refused
to wear the hat, and decided yellow
rain boots were a better accent.
Note the “true to life” sweaty hair.
That jacket is a lined raincoat. 
It was NOT made with Georgia
Halloweening in mind (temps in the 80s).

Jenny dressed as a witch for the piano
recital, but switched to Rapunzel later on.

I made this dress for Katie two years ago.
We didn’t mind splurging on the wig ($8).
We were going to make her a really long
wig out of yarn, but she didn’t like yarn.
So, she got a short wig instead.  Pfft.
I did the whiskers for the piano recital.

Bill did the whiskers for Trick or Treating.
I think the musketeer costume turned
out very nicely.

I had to purchase the blue fabric, but
the silvery ribbon adorned a present I
received years ago.  I’ve used it for
many costumes.

I basted white, lacy ribbon to the collar of
an ordinary dress shirt.  No permanant
damage done.  Bill made that ostrich 
feather out of paper and a drinking straw.
The hat is a black foam top hat to which
Bill hot glued a brim made from black foam. 
Halloween 2010

7 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. You are an amazing mom!

  2. Cool costumes. I love the creativity — a paper feather? Awesome!

  3. I am so glad you posted pictures! Those are amazing!!! They are all fabulous but I love the Musketeer! And we have purchased wigs before too! Sometimes they just add that little something extra to the complete the look.

  4. Such great and creative costumes. I have to say the gnome and musketeer are my favorites, although Rapunzel is quite stunning.

  5. Fantastic costumes! Musketeer is great!

  6. Such talent and what fun!

  7. Everyone is cute…but the yard knomes are really great! Very unexpected.

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