Only 372 days until she turns 4

It’s all coming back to me now: how annoying I find 3 year olds.  It has been a few years since I’ve had one of those, and I had forgotten.  I will take a 2 year old over a 3 year old any day.

I feel as though we’ve gone back 2 years to that new-toddler stage: unrolled paper towels, unrolled toilet paper, water everywhere, laundry scattered, food as toys and/or “art,” only we’ve added a new element of independence and defiance.  Can’t tell her what to do, no ma’am.

And she’s decided that if she loudly screams, people will want to pacify her and give her what she wants. 

She’s starting to learn that being diaperless means less padding for the swats to the backside that mom is now doling out on a regular basis.  I rarely spank a 1 year old (safety issues mainly).  But it seems so necessary to the 3 year old who knows better, but is just checking to see if you’re serious.

Girl, I am serious.

The only thing that keeps them alive at this age, I’m convinced, is their love of imitation and their improved communication skills.  It’s hard to stay angry at a child who lisps out, “I sorry Momma,” and then begins to sing “Clean up, clean up,” as she attempts to right her wrong.  And when you look up from your dinner plate and see little hands that, only moments before, had been folded reverently in prayer now thickly covered with mashed potatoes, can you help but be a little impressed when she points out the roast beef and carrots and thick onion slices arranged in the form of a face and says, “It’s for my Gwam-ma!” 

And of course, there are the frequent moments when she gazes adoringly up into your eyes, smiles broadly, and says, “I wuv you!”


I wuv you, too, little girl.  But STOP making messes.

8 thoughts on “Only 372 days until she turns 4

  1. I don't know, I think four year olds are much less charming and far more trying than three year olds. Age three is my favorite age. I was very upset when my youngest turned four and now that dreaded year is over and I'm basking in the delightful antics of a five year old.

  2. I have long maintained that 3 is WAY worse than two. I am right there with you, girlfriend!! (Except I don't have a 3 year old anymore, so not really WITH you. Just in spirit!)

  3. I think even years are hard in the preschool years.

  4. I have a 3yr old who will turn 4 in 18 days. I'm looking forward to 3 being over. We also currently have a foster son who will turn 3 some after though.

  5. Oh, Karen. No no. Four is my absolute favourite age. I mourned when my daughter turned 5 (and she is 14 now). Four year olds are delightful.
    Michelle, I feel your pain.
    And actually, I found that my children had 6 month cycles when they were younger. 6 months of mostly joy followed by 6 months of pulling my hair out. Fortunately the 2 kids were on different schedules…

  6. Oh how I've waited for my little man to turn 4. And waited and waited and…

    Now that he's almost 4 I feel like we're living in a bit more saner (for me) period. Except the once baby is almost 2 and has learned the all time favorite word. No. And temper tantrums. But really? I can deal with that. The 3 year tantrums are WAY worse.

  7. You've no idea how relieved this made me. My precious two year old vanished in July and now we have this…monstrosity. And we had a three year old only a year ago. But I don't know if four is much better. Of course, it could be the number of children four and under that we have and not necessarily the ages/personalities. I think about it constantly–as I prepare for our fourth child to come next week while our oldest is six weeks shy of five. Oy!

  8. It really makes one long for someone to invent a “Toddler Bubble” in which messes might be contained. It would, of course, have to be one-way-sound-proofed for Mass…

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