Anniversary Numbers

15 years of marriage
14 thousand pounds of household goods
13 ER visits
12 Cub Scout and Boy Scout advancements
11 years of chasing toddlers
10 seats behind us in the van
9 months since the deployment
8 different addresses
7 Oktoberfests
6 children
5 surgeries
4 PCS moves
3 coffee makers
2 hearts
1 life

11 thoughts on “Anniversary Numbers

  1. Aw. How sweet.

    Happy anniversary!

  2. Sweet, sweet. Happy anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. Neat! Happy Anniversary!!

    But I have to ask…only 4 PCS moves? Wow!

  5. Love this!

    Happy Anniversary!

  6. KC – my husband is National Guard and has only been on Active Duty status for 6 years. So, 4 PCS moves in that time, plus a “we're knocking down your neighborhood” move, and we're well above average on relocations.

  7. Michelle,

    You are so clever! What a great piece!

    Dad & I both wish you two a very Happy Anniversary and lots more of them!


    Mom & Dad

  8. That's such a brilliant list! Happy Anniversary! Many Years!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Blessings to you both.

  10. happy anniversary

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