Mary had a little lamb

Actually she didn’t…doesn’t.  Recently, she’s been saying to Bill and I, “I don’t know where my sheep is.”  She watched a Dora episode where Dora asked if the watcher wanted to go to Mary’s house.  Oh, boy, was Mary excited.  Dora told all the kids that Mary.hada.little.lamb.Mary.hada.little.lamb. And they were all going to see the little lamb.

Well, Mary’s birthday is rapidly approaching, and I thought I’d get her a little lamb.  Being a tactile person, I’d prefer to touch one and find one that was cute and very very soft.  But lambs are not very popular, so I haven’t seen any in the stores. 

I’ve resorted to online shopping, but it’s hard to tell how soft it is, and if I’m not guaranteed softness, I’ll go with cuteness.  But there’s too many choices.  And I know, I just know, that there is some Catholic SAHM who hand makes barnyard animals and sells them by word of mouth.

So, I’m looking for recommendations, either a manufacturer of cute, ultra soft plush lambs or a home crafter who can knock one of these little things out in a week or so.  Anybody?

6 thoughts on “Mary had a little lamb

  1. We have the perfect lamb that we found around Easter time that is so soft, but I haven't been able to find a second one, as my little Lily loves it. If she wasn't so attached, I'd offer it to you. But I'll keep an eye out for someone that makes them! Good luck!

  2. I find that Webkinz–which I hate on principle–are very soft and cuddly.

    When we were kids, Dakin was a good brand for very soft stuffed toys. Does it not exist anymore?

  3. My girls were each given a colonial williamsburg lambs- They are super soft and just the perfect size for a wee one! I searched and found you can order at it is item 1081488, Sally the Leicester Longwool Lamb My youngest was 2 when she received it and it immediately became a favorite. Hope you find a wonderful lamb! -Liz in NC

  4. Thanks for all the help (lots of suggestions sent via email). Fuzzy, my friend down the street suggested a pillow pet, too. I'm lukewarm…

    I actually ordered a Gund lamb at Amazon, then liz sent in her suggestion. Gosh, that little lamb is adorable. I think I may return the Gund lamb to get it. Or perhaps Mary will have two little lambs.

  5. I like your 2 lambs idea 🙂 Mostly for those times when inevitably someone will have gotten sick on their bedtime lovey in the middle of the night or more frequently the lovey will be halfway through the wash when bedtime arrives.

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