To nap or not to nap

Mary is at an in between stage with naps.  She won’t fall asleep at a reasonable hour.  Then in the late afternoon, she passes out (or is absolutely miserable).  And I can’t wake her up for several hours.  Then she won’t go to bed until late, and she sleeps a bit later the next day.  So she’s not ready for a nap at a good hour.  Etcetera.

The other day, I went out to hang up a load of laundry and wrestle spent tomato plants out of the ground.  When I came back, I found her thusly, next to my desk.  Note, the floor is stone tile – not very comfy.  Also note the long sleeve dress, unbuttoned.  She was playing dress up.  Daytime temps are still in the nineties here, so she’s more than a bit overdressed. 
I find these transitional periods wearisome.  Very wearisome.  At least they’re good for funny photos.

Should I color?  Do some schoolwork?  Eat a lollipop?  Naw, I think I’ll just sleep, right here, on the cold hard floor.

First she plunders the lollipop jar, then she passes out, evidence in hand.

PS: Is anybody else annoyed beyond belief at the new blogger editing?  Or is it just me?  Can we go back to the way things were?

7 thoughts on “To nap or not to nap

  1. You mean the stupid editor that NEVER EVER uploads videos correctly? Yep. Me too.

    Great pictures.

  2. I find it easier with Penelope to have her lay down in a different place besides her bed. Sometimes, she likes my bed, but more often she prefers the couch. She never fails to fall asleep if we turn on a movie. 🙂

  3. I love the lollipop. Is that a Mousefeathers dress?

    My just turned 3 year old has the same problem. Or sometimes she even holds on until supper and conks out at the table.

  4. Christina, I have never heard of Mousefeathers dresses, but I checked the label, and it is, in fact, a Mousefeathers dress. She loves it, and I'm happy it's a size 4 and she'll wear it several years. Somebody from my husband's office just gave it to us.

  5. My youngest was the same at about 3. I couldn't get him to nap early in the afternoon, and if he would sleep later in the afternoon he would be up until 10 or 11 – wide awake in his bed. If I let him sleep and woke him up early, he was a total crab for several hours – also not a good situation. I finally stopped the nap, lived with a bit of crankiness for a week or so and then he adjusted to the new schedule and went to bed earlier. I think it was harder for me to be done with nap time….!

  6. Sleeping with the evidence! I love it!

  7. Mousefeathers dresses were all the rage amongst beautiful people in the 90's. I've found lots of them at consignment shops. Some have wild patterns and mixed fabric combinations, but they are bright and colorful. And pretty resilient.

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