It’s not a good thing, ever, to wake up and find out that your coffee maker is broken. To have this happen on a Monday morning is even more foreboding. I think I’ll cancel any plans this week and hide under the bed.

Anybody love their coffee maker? There are so many choices…

19 thoughts on “Decaffeinated

  1. Woke up to no coffee in the house. Wahhhhh! The mister is a true coffee snob, so this is not easily resolved by a quick trip to the grocery store. I'll have to drive 22 miles to the roastery between homeschooling, flute lessons, ballet, and taekwando. I'm thinking we won'thave coffee tomorrow morning either.

    How expensive are you willing to go on a new model? We have a lovely Italian Pasquini that will set you back a tad over a grand. I told you, he's a snob.

  2. I pity you, poor thing.

    We have a Cuisinart. It's a simple one, filters the water but doesn't grind the coffee. I'm not sure the exact model is still available. We used to have the Cuisinart Coffee on Demand and loved it ( ). I don't know why I didn't splurge again, except it only lasted a year (then they replaced it and then that one only lasted a year). It was great anyway. The one we use now has a glass carafe — nothing fancy but it does make good coffee.

  3. I have a Keurig single cup maker. I love it!

  4. Gary just replaced our Space Saver (Which did not last well AT ALL) with a french press. He loves it! I bought him a french-press-in-a-travel-mug while he was deployed and he decided that was the only way to drink coffee.

  5. We have a Keurig, too. It was my husband's Christmas gift from me a few years ago. He loves coffee to the point that he can take a sip of any coffee and know what part of South America the beans came from and how long they were roasted (major coffee nerd!) but I, on the other hand, sometimes tolerate the smell but can't stand anything else about it. Keurig's perfect for us because he doesn't have to brew a whole pot just to have one cup on his way to work and let the rest go to waste.

  6. Oh, I am so sorry. No coffee is more than a mortimin; it's a real penance for my whole family.

    French press. I like the low profile, and if you want, you can wash it and put it in a cabinet after breakfast. Of course then you need something to provide hot water–we love the electric tea kettle because we use it for oatmeal and tea too–and a grinder. But I seem to remember that you avoid grinding because it wakes people up? Or was that so 4 years ago?

    We've broken multiple French presses, but we also break coffee carafes so I feel like it's even. Ikea sells them and so does Starbucks…through the drive through window. πŸ™‚

  7. We have a cuisinart that we love because of the thermal carafe. In fact when our old one broke (while in the UK) we kept the old carafe and bought the exact one on ebay so the carafe would fit. I also like the french press. But, I love the electric kettle! They are big in the UK…go to any department store and find 20 choices for electric kettles and five or six for coffee makers. Unfortunately I ruined the kettle we bought when we got back here to the states because I absentmindedly put it on the stove one morning! Now we have instant hot water at our sink the the new house so no need for the kettle…but they are really great! I even used mine to heat the water for spaghetti and potatoes!

  8. My coffee snob husband uses a French press for regular coffee, but an espresso machine for most mornings. I use my coffee maker to brew tea for sweet tea.

  9. We have a Bunn that we love. If you turn on the switch, it warms the water inside the machine, so when you pour in the cold water in the morning, it pushes the warmed water out to brew your coffee. You have a full pot of coffee in about 2 minutes. My hubby got it after watching some show on coffee brewing and the best (and worst) ways to make great tasting coffee. This one won out because of the water already being hot when time to brew. I don't know all the sciency stuff behind it, but it makes great coffee. Here's the link to the one we have (I think it's the same one):

  10. We have had a Krups Pro Aroma 12-cup coffeemaker since the paper route days(15 years); it includes programming capabilities. It is still going strong & we are very happy with it. We've gone through a few glass carafes through the years. We'll have to get a new one when the carafes are no longer available, but I would seriously consider Krups again.

  11. A french press. The perfect way to make coffee. Love mine. Also have sturdy made-in-Montana one for travel.

  12. I've had the Keurig (it died on me one morning not too long ago) . . . I used my dorm-size Mr. Coffee for a while after that. In sheer madness, I gave up coffee. Four days later I bought the French Press (love it, but a pain to clean). Six days after the French press, I bought the single server Keurig. I'm fixed.

  13. Always good to have in a pinch: Melitta makes this little thing that sits on top of your coffee mug, holds a cone filter. Put coffee in the filter, pour boiling water through. It's not GREAT but it does the job (good for power outages!)

    I just have a freebie no-name drip model from some coffee company. I own a French press but it's such a pain to clean it.

  14. I've had that happen. Since then, we've implemented the “backup French Press” plan.

  15. I had to go look…husband is the coffee drinker, not me.

    We have a Cuisinart with a timer. It does not grind the beans. He has had it…oh, probably five years or more and I don't think I've heard him complain, except I think he wishes he had gotten the thermal carafe. But he has since bought a separate thermal carafe, which he loves because he can carry it with him when we go places. πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear about the bummer. I hope you've got a new one already!

  16. I've been a happy Bunn owner for years, though I use the model with the thermal carafe (saves me from burnt or broken pots).

    Having a fresh pot of coffee only a few minutes at any given moment suits me better than having a fixed timer. I put a pot on, and by the time I get juice poured and breakfast started it's done.

  17. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I had a Capresso coffee maker that grinds the beans. Loved it. It lasted about 9 years. Just updated it with the newer model with the thermal carafe. Love it.

  18. Oh, Maurisa, when we're back in the area, I am definitely having coffee at your house. But I don't think we'll be getting a Pasquini any time soon.

    Those in favor of French presses…too much “art” involved. I can't do art at 5 am.

    Keurig fans: I'm borrowing the mini-Keurig from my friend who has the big one too. It works for them because she likes tea and he likes coffee. I just don't like the cup at a time thing. And all those landfill plastics…

    Considering Cuisinart, Bunn and Capresso, especially models with a thermal carafe. Our broken model was our second Krups, so I don't think we'll go there again.

    And just so you know, I did not actually go caffeine-free yesterday. I put boiling water from our electric kettle through the Krups filter and into the coffee carafe. Tedious, but I had coffee. Our power-outage backup plan is the camp percolator, but I wasn't desperate enough to rummage in the garage. It was very early in the morning.

  19. We have a french press,which my former Starbucks barista husband loves, and I have grown to love, too. I usually drink uber-strong Irish tea in the mornings, but the other day I ran out. It wasn't pretty.

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