Adrenaline beats caffeine any morning

“Now that’s an ominous sign,” I told Bill as we stepped out the front door. It was 6:40 am and a full moon hovered just above the tree line.

After he pulled away, I went back in the house and headed into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I stopped dead in front of the refrigerator. Up on top, a snake perched, looking down at me.

I blinked. Do we have any plastic toy snakes, I pondered. Is it a prank of some kind? Am I seeing things?

It moved.

I screamed.

I immediately called Bill. “You have to come home! There’s a snake on top of the fridge!”

Had he been even 2 more minutes down the road, I would not have called him. But lucky me.

We tried to get a picture, but the resident 2 year old had exhausted my camera battery. And the zoom lens doesn’t reach from the other side of the kitchen.

I do not know how the thing got up there. I’m not sure I want to know.

Bill came home, captured the snake, and took it outside. What a guy.

What a day…and it’s only just beginning.

8 thoughts on “Adrenaline beats caffeine any morning

  1. Right, who needs coffee anyway? Hope your day gets way better. 😉

  2. Just another benefit to living in swampy Georgia.

  3. Three thoughts when I read your post:

    1) I'm so glad it wasn't me. That must have been absolutely awful. Thank God he was so close by.

    2) As a good hsing mom, what was the I.D. of the snake?

    3) And it brought to mind the original “Parent Trap” movie when Vicki left screaming from the camp to “Get out of this stinking fresh air!” Did you feel that way about Georgia at that moment?

  4. Ew! Snakes should never be higher than one's head. Just think of how much better every other day will be that doesn't start off with a snake on your fridge. (I once had a snake get into my laundry room – crawled through the drier vent. My dh had to come all the way home from work to catch it. My hero.)

  5. That has got to be one of my worst nightmares come to life!

  6. Oh yikes, that SO beats the possible skunk (also possible black-and-white cat) that was on my back porch last night. Fortunately, if it WAS a skunk, it didn't leave a calling card.

  7. Being practical as always, how fortunate the snake was not on the floor biting the player-with- tools while you struggled with batteries to get a picture to show to the EMTs.

    BTW, what was it?

  8. It was just a garter snake. The baffle around where the water line for the ice maker comes through the wall had been knocked loose. We suspect (hope) that was his point of entry.

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