Path to perdition

I just dropped Fritz off to work on an Eagle project for Scouts.

So that he could let me know when to get him, I loaned him my cell phone.

You know what comes next, right?

First, we decide to get a “kids’ phone”. Then one phone doesn’t cut it, so he ends up with his own phone.

Then we buy a “kids’ car”. Then his own car.

Then he’s stealing our money to buy coke and we’re bailing his spoiled rotten little rear end out of jail and he refuses to hold a job and can’t pay the child support he owes on his three kids all by different women.

And all because I loaned him my cell phone.

4 thoughts on “Path to perdition

  1. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much! I really needed a laugh.

  2. THIS is why parenting decisions keep me up at night…

  3. That's hilarious!! We resisted the cell phone for both our older kids until they each got into high school. Being homeschooled, we kept explaining that they didn't need a cell phone, because we were usually with them. My son would argue that “EVERYONE” else has one, and what if he was somewhere and there was an emergency and he needed to call. My response was always, “Well, if you're somewhere and EVERYONE else has a cell phone, there are plenty of people whose phone you can borrow to make that emergency phone call”.

  4. We loaned our cell phone to our oldest this past year when he was at the Regionals Science Fair. We weren't allowed to stay and wanted updates from him. We laughed heartily when he started texting us. How that former homeschooler learned to do that in 5 minutes still amazes us. Yes, it's a slippery slope…

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