First Day of School

I don’t usually take “first day of school” pictures. I don’t usually make a big deal of that day at all, even if it is kindergarten. Maybe I should. But for me, our life just flows naturally from non-school days to school days. Yes, suddenly, there may seem to be a set time or a more firmly directed exercise. But it’s not like I never read to my kids before kindergarten, or never have them draw or color or practice writing, or listen to music. It was probably a bigger deal for Fritz, but for all the others, this is just life.

But yesterday, the moment was too precious to not record. The joy, the excitement, the anticipation of his very first day of kindergarten. I can only imagine his thoughts of the fun he might have or the things he might do or the stories we might read.

Or perhaps, he was simply thinking, “Does she SERIOUSLY expect me to get up this early?”

3 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. I love it!!! Petey in 'action' looks alot like Vaughnie. 😉


  2. Wow! How do you contain a kid with that much enthusiasm? 🙂

  3. Bwahhahahahahaa, I love it!

    On a side note, you look smashing!

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