Boggle: not just for word games

Somebody gave us this portable Boggle game as a thank you for some volunteer work I made the kids do. It’s pretty cool, and the kids have been playing with it, the way it was intended to be played, some of the time.

The handiest feature is the built in 3 minute timer. After shaking the letter tiles, you twist the container closed and the timer begins automatically. This is the point at which gamers are supposed to begin scribbling down their words.

However, in other situations, this is when the “spy”/”army guy”/”villain”/”hero” RUNS LIKE MAD knowing he has only 3 minutes to get away before his bomb explodes.

7 thoughts on “Boggle: not just for word games

  1. Does it explode when the time is up? We used to have a game, can't remember which one, that really did sort of explode. And scared the #@*& out of us every time.

  2. Alas, it is a very quiet beep that concludes the time. I'm quite certain the escaping bombers wish they could hear the subsequent explosion, especially if it caused Mom to jump out of her skin.

  3. scmom,

    I remember that game! You had a certain amount of time to put all the plastic shapes in place and when time was up it would “explode” and pieces would go flying. It used to stress me out!

    Gotta love that imagination! When are games and toys ever used the way they were intended?

  4. That's so awesome.

    Barbara – I remember that too, but I don't think we had it, just remember the commercials.

  5. That's it Maurisa — and if I remember correctly it was called Perfection. I hated that game. šŸ˜‰

  6. What drives me nuts about “perfection” is that our set is missing ONE piece….

    Our Boggle set doesn't have that timer feature. I think my kids would really love it if it did!

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