Sometimes, you have to do more living than blogging. Of course, those are the times you most want to blog about.

Fritz’s face looks much better than it did last Wednesday. The dentist thinks all will be fine with his adult teeth, but she’ll keep an eye on them at future visits.

Peter had a lingual frenectomy. He was so good. I was traumatized, but at least I didn’t faint or vomit.

Bill’s parents came down for a visit and we did touristy stuff. Fort Pulaski. The Owens-Thomas House (free to military during the summer!!).

Last week, I had a conversation with my husband about how many days he has gone TDY since beginning this job four months ago (more than 30). He has a whole month to go until his next trip. The office doesn’t know what they will do with him. I suggested it was time to take some leave (vacation).

“Well, I do have that long weekend coming up for the 4th of July,” he said. There was a pause, and I expected him to continue with some plan to take leave. But, no, that was the end of his statement.

“No, dear, that’s a holiday. Leave is when you don’t go into the office, but everybody else does.”

So, he took today off, which was very nice. He helped me run outside and pull the clothes off the line before the torrential downpour (this is my every afternoon). Somebody found my stash of rubber bands and he’s been teaching the kids how to best aim and fire them. They have battled all day long, and my stash is now all over the floors all over the house. He washed my car, because he’s trying very hard to conscientiously practice my love language of acts of service (isn’t he great, folks?).

Part of this is because we watched the movie P.S. I Love You. Tear-jerker. I cannot in good faith recommend it to anyone whose husband is deployed, or is deploying soon, or has a brain tumor or some other life-shortening condition, or to anyone who is pregnant or post-partum hormonal, or PMSing or menopausal, or who cries easily, or who can’t bear the thought of her husband dying. And since it’s rated PG-13 for sexual content, I can’t recommend it to anyone under the age of adulthood…so pretty much I think only men should watch this movie. And since I like having my car washed just because, I highly recommend that all husbands watch this movie very soon. If your husband will not watch a chick flick without you, be forewarned that you will need tissues.

There are 18 weeks to the Army Ten Miler. Today I started the Hal Higdon 15K Intermediate training program, which is 10 weeks long. I just plan to repeat the last 4 weeks twice to get me to race day.

And that’s my life in the last week.

5 thoughts on “Recap

  1. My youngest was tongue tied and had to have her frenulum snipped last year. She was 3 1/2 at the time and the dr snipped it with out any medication to numb the area. I think I'm still scarred by having witnessed the procedure. I'm still amazed at what a difference having that procedure has done for her with regards to speech and even eating (the kid can now do things like lick an ice cream cone).

  2. My friend's baby had a really hard time latching on and nursing – at 3 weeks, the lactation consultant checked his tongue and recommended clipping. She had a horrible time finding a doctor that would do it without actually putting him to sleep, but she finally found one and it made a HUGE difference.

  3. I LOVE that movie!!! My husband doesn't understand why I would watch a movie that I know is going to make me cry, but I do!

  4. You're doing better at keeping up with the blog than I am. you're doing good!

  5. “Sometimes, you have to do more living than blogging. Of course, those are the times you most want to blog about.”

    Isn't that the truth?

    My mom-in-law the lactation consultant is all about snipping those frenulums to help nursing babes. She likes to tell me about it, too, and it gets me all squeamish. Ugh.

    Hope Fritz is doing okay. I have three girls 5 and under and we've already been to the ER for stitches and broken bones. Not good.

    Good luck with your training!

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