No photo, because it’s just too gross

The boy made it 12 years and 29 days without a broken bone and without requiring stitches, staples or glue to hold parts of his body together.

Today, 12 years and 30 days into his life, his face looks very boyish: meaning bruised, swollen and plain ugly.

The friend said, “I’m going to throw this stick at you,” in what was meant to be some sort of friendly gesture, I suppose. His mom asked him, “What were you thinking?” which is, of course, ridiculous, because there was no thinking involved. Ask any man. I’ll bet he’ll have some story to tell about a time when he was 10 or 12 or 14…probably not too many after that. After that, vehicles get involved and those stories are “barely survived” stories, and they’re not as funny.

The incident occurred at approximately 4:10 pm. It was nearly 10:30 pm when Bill got home from the hospital with him. It’s nice that he works close by and could meet me there. I left after triage, thank goodness.

Let’s see: hole through his lip requiring 2 stitches, mainly because the hole is on both his lip and his face and he would have a crooked smile if they didn’t stitch it. He had a CT scan to make sure that no wood fragments were left behind. Then they had to call 2 people from the dental clinic to come in and take a look at his teeth. One guy had just sat down to dinner. X-rays showed that the broken tooth was a baby tooth, so they yanked it out. And I have to call our dentist and have them check on another (adult) tooth that’s a little wiggly and discolored.


I did remind Fritz about the time he swung his brother into the bed and split his head open. And Bill talked about the time he got hit in the head with a baseball bat by his best friend. And my dad told me about the time he threw a broken bottle intending it to go over another kid’s head. And the friend’s grandfather told about the time his son used a length of rope as a whip…

Everybody has a story. I’m sure this one will be really funny in a few years.

11 thoughts on “No photo, because it’s just too gross

  1. Yikes! Why are adolescent boys such dopes? Hope he mends well.

  2. Ach. Sorry, Michelle.

  3. Mmm. I bet mom will not ever think it's funny. Poor Fritz.

  4. oh no! how yucky 🙂
    having 3 boys 7yo and down, i am in NO WAY ready for such incidents. Although one of 'em has already had a broken arm!

    boys… sheesh!

  5. Yep. Kerry has a lovely scar on the back of his hand where his brother hit him with BARBED WIRE. Ben is currently missing most of the skin on his shins and arms from trying not to fall off a roof. 🙂

  6. Did Ben succeed in not falling off the roof? I guess you should be thankful he didn't break his leg or neck?

  7. Hey! The purple letters are very hard to read!

    A regular blog reader

  8. Poor Fritz!! He'll have a good “war” wound to show for it. I can't even begin to tell you, with 4 boys, how MANY times I have been to the ER. The last time (two months ago), I told the nurse that if they would give me a tube of dermabond and a staple gun, I could triage my own kids at home and we could all save a lot of time and money. They didn't go for it. Love the new pictures of the kids on the sidebar, BTW.!!

  9. It's true, everyone has a story. One of mine includes two boys, a bullet, a woodshop vise, and a claw hammer. Oh yes.

    The photos of the kids on the sidebar are incredible. They've grown so much and they're so tanned and handsome. 🙂


  10. Wow. He made it 12 years? Is he trying to make up for lost time? I'm so sorry this happened.

    I will say, though, that we lived at the emergency room for a while. I actually had one doctor tell me that I could just do my well baby check ups there, if I preferred. Haha

    How's he feeling?

  11. Oooh! Ouch! It's the hunter/gatherer thing. As they grow up they learn to channel that sense of adventure – rescuing people from burning buildings, discovering penicillin, etc. In the meantime, it's tough on all concerned.

    Tommy can sympathize with the stitches (ask Bill about that one). If Margaret reads this, being thrown from a camel in Outer Mongolia is in a whole class by itself(& I brought up hunter/GATHERER?!)

    We may help in repeating the stories down the road, but to moms they are never funny.

    We'll give Fritz an extra hug when we get down there.

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