The Matthew Freeman Project

Today, we attended a ceremony kicking off the national campaign for The Matthew Freeman Project. Matthew Freeman was a Marine Captain who died last year in Afghanistan. Two days before he was killed, he talked to his mom and asked her to collect pens and paper for the kids of that country. Despite his death, she accepted his challenge and began this project.

I am always inspired and amazed by people who heroically turn life’s sorrows and trials into hope and meaning for other people.

The mission of The Matthew Freeman Project is: To honor the memory of Marine Captain Matthew C. Freeman by realizing his vision of helping children in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries worldwide, principally where American armed forces are, or have been present, by delivering school supplies, especially pens and paper, to help continue their education and improve literacy; to honor God by promoting communities of promise, prosperity, and peace.

It was a nice ceremony.

The website does not yet have information on how to donate supplies, but the project is aimed toward school children. There is an email address for any military personnel who are deployed and wish to distribute school supplies to children in their area.

I hope your Memorial Day was lovely. Please remember to pray for the souls of all those who died for this country, and also for those who are currently in harm’s way.

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