We needed a long weekend

So far, the weekend has been great.

We cleaned the garage. This is a big deal. We’ve been here for 4 months now and the garage was the last major mess left. My husband can now park his car in the garage. And I ordered two of these bike stands, because several bikes do not have kick stands, and those that do rarely seem to be upright. Hoping that the kids will properly store their bikes vertically which will help to keep the floor clear.

Bill has been working with the boys on scouting projects. They have enjoyed working together immensely. I’m happy to have an improved, sturdier shelf in the back of my van to aide in carrying 30 bags of groceries home.

Bill also took the older girls out to a lunch date yesterday, and then he ran errands with Mary in the afternoon so she would have her special time with dad. Peter got to play catch one-on-one. And I had a lunch date with him today. Everybody has wanted – and gotten – their piece of the most popular man in the world…well, in our world, at least.

I baked zucchini bread and walnut date bread. I ran errands. I ran 4 miles. I biked 10 miles (2 yesterday and 8 today – ouch).

Bill replaced the left turn blinker on my van. It’s been out for 4 months. It’s amazing how a simple 5 minute job can make you feel so good when it’s finally done.

And we bought a classical guitar today. I didn’t really wake up this morning and say, “I think I’ll buy a guitar,” but somehow that’s what I ended up doing. Now I need to learn how to play it.

And I still have tomorrow. Wonder what trouble we’ll get into then.

4 thoughts on “We needed a long weekend

  1. Hey! I have been contemplating the marvel that would be a van shelf for, well, ever since we got the van. What does yours look like?

  2. OOOO, classical guitar! Wish I could play that way. All I can manage is “folk” style. It's a real blast watching my kids learn to play. For once they act like I know something, LOL, and ask my opinion & advice. I relish that!
    Will your kids be learning too?
    The internet is a great resource for beginning musicians–as my kids found out. When I was in high school I had to save my pennies to buy sheet music. They just find free downloadable lyrics with chords!

  3. 30 bags of groceries? I hope you only go shopping every three weeks or so…

  4. I have a bike stand. Do your research. We've had bike stands that when you push your bike in, the stand moves 3 feet. Our current bike stand doesn't move but I'm also not quite happy with how close the bikes are. We're at the stage now where everyone's bikes are the same height and it's just a tangle of handle bars and pedals. Then no one wants to put their bike there and you're back to square one.

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