Following my own orders

We didn’t get home from baseball until after 9 pm last night. It was 10 before the kids were bedded down and I remembered that I needed to change the dates on some documents for my husband. He would have done it himself, but one was a JPEG file I had created, so it was complicated.

It didn’t take long to complete the job. I printed a copy of the changes, emailed him the new versions, and showed him my work. Finally feeling “done,” I sat on my chair next to his chair to relax for a bit before bed. It had been a long day with a field trip to an organic farm, ballet class for the girls and then the baseball game.

After a minute, his GI Blackberry buzzed telling him he had a new message. “Go to bed,” I growled at the electronic leash. “It’s nearly 11 o’clock at night. Why would somebody be up this late sending you emails? Don’t these people ever sleep?”

He picked up the thing and looked at it. “That would be your email,” he said.

“Oh, go to bed,” I growled at the phone again. And then I did.

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